The IRS Will Be Stifling Free Speech in Churches

The IRS Will Be Stifling Free Speech in ChurchesJohn Birch Society – by Art Thompson

In this week’s analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how the IRS agreed on July 17 to monitor church sermons for political content as part of an agreement made with the Freedom From Religion Foundation; how tax collection in the United States has always been rife with corruption; how our original Constitution prevented the the imposition of the federal income tax; how our original Constitution provided for U.S. Senators to be chosen by state legislatures, not by a popular vote of the people; and how we need to get back to a truly independent Senate that represents the state legislatures, repeal the income tax, and thereby get back to our original system of financing the government.

One thought on “The IRS Will Be Stifling Free Speech in Churches

  1. only those 501(3)c churches should be affected. the irs has always disallowed political speech kinda stuff in 501(3)c churches. the black churches violate that law with impunity, but they won’t be targeting black churches, you can bet on that. so, any church that wants to be left outta this control merely needs to revoke their 501(3)c status. simple.

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