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The latest science horror: Baby monkeys genetically engineered to suffer from autism symptoms… NATURE science journal celebrates ‘breakthrough’

Natural News – by Mike Adams

The latest horror from science is being hailed by the science journal Nature as a breakthrough for brain research, but it involves genetically engineering baby monkeys to cripple them and make them cognitively stunted and “autistic.”

“The laboratory monkeys run obsessively in circles, largely ignore their peers and grunt anxiously when stared at,” writes David Cyranoski in this Nature article. It’s all part of an effort to use genetic engineering to create “psychiatric disorders” in primates so that drug companies can reap billions in profits from the very same conditions caused by mercury in vaccines, toxic processed foods and herbicide chemicals used on genetically modified crops.  

“If non-human primates prove to be a useful model for psychiatric disorders, China and other countries that are investing heavily in research on monkeys, such as Japan, could gain an edge in brain research,” writes Cyranoski. This ability to genetically engineer cognitive deformed primates gives China and Japan “a clear advantage over the US,” he concludes.

Yep, in an age of scientific horrors, where humankind has developed the ability to alter the programming code of biological systems, we see the horrifically poorly named “Nature” journal celebrating the destruction of nature and calling it an “advantage.”

Pharmaceutical giants, toxic food manufacturers and pesticide agri-giants have caused so much brain damage among the human population that now they feel the need to create brain-damaged primates so they can study possible treatments that can be sold to all the damaged humans.

This is how sick modern “science” has now become… and none of the scientists see any ethical problem in any of this.

Modern science has total disregard for nature… and the arrogance may destroy us all

It’s open season on Mother Nature now: Growing human organs inside pigs to be sacrificed for high-profit organ transplants; overthrowing indigenous food crops with patented corporate Frankenfoods; saturating crop soils with herbicides to “feed the world” more cancer-causing glyphosate… this is all the same horrifying pattern of destroying life, abusing conscious beings and contaminating the world with deadly chemicals and heavy metals.

Even more horrifying is that fact that nobody at the Nature science journal seems to have any problem at all with destroying nature. As long as there are more drugs to sell to a brain-damaged population, they’re all for it! It hardly matters to them that conscious primate beings are being born into this world to suffer as “lab rats” for the pharmaceutical / biotech industrial complex that preys on all living systems (and compromises them for profit).

In all this, we are watching humanity destroy not just its genetic future and ecosystem, but its very soul. The HUMANITY can no longer be found in the humans conducting this distorted, dark science.

It’s not just sick. It’s inhuman.

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One Response to The latest science horror: Baby monkeys genetically engineered to suffer from autism symptoms… NATURE science journal celebrates ‘breakthrough’

  1. Tedx says:

    Well, how are the controllers going to figure out how to shrink human brains if they don’t first experiment on monkeys? As impressive as their efforts to shrink brains of Americans with fluoridated water and mercury laced dental fillings (both illegal in most European countries) have been, the mercury laced vaccines might not be enough to totally dumb down the unwashed masses for easy population adjustment. Tests on monkeys are vital to the cause of human depopulation.

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