The lights…

I was wondering if anyone else was seeing these UV street lights pop up in their town.

A couple people I talked to said it ‘looked pretty’, and I’m like “This shit is nefarious and feels evil.” 

Two other people I talked to about it, including the deputy sheriff said the lights were ‘defective’- how convenient…

Also I heard that some people’s skin or veins – who took the death shot, will react with a black light. Anyway, it seems goofy.

6 thoughts on “The lights…

  1. I just saw one in North Austin going past the 45 access road just past 620 where you get onto the bypass of parmer lane. pretty weird to see this post and see one in realtime.

  2. I’ve seen them on the scanning equipment when you enter onto a toll road for a few years now. Always wondered why they needed UV lights. I guess now it was to get us used to being “scanned” as we drive under them except we never realized they were there to help scan the tech that’s now in the blood of the “vaccinated”! Will the public at large EVER be able to comprehend just how diabolical all this sh*t REALLY is?

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