The Middle Eastern Wars and Money

Syrian government forces fired on unarmed protesters Friday, killing 15.  So does this mean Syria now meets the criteria for a U.S. invasion?  How about we just quit fiddling around and enact a no-fly-zone over the entire Middle East?  This should be sufficient to drive oil prices to $200 per barrel.  And if we could actually engage ground troops we could conceivably create a military crisis which would require us to tap our reserves and institute gas rationing. 

Yeah, that should work to persuade the American people to allow drilling in the Alaskan wilderness.  After which we will happily pay $5.00 per gallon for our own gas.  No let’s make that $6.00 per gallon; I forgot the federal government wants to create new tax revenues to pay for interstate highways. 

I guess we need new roads to go with all those new bridges the stimulus monies paid for.  And once we get all these new roads to go with all these new bridges we can give them to countries like Spain and they can charge us a toll for driving down them. 

It’s beginning to look like the poor, working poor, and middle class are about to be put afoot.  Maybe then they will support new transnational railways which can be paid for through higher taxes on the upper middle class, which can serve to bring them into the lower middle class, creating a much desired equality throughout the land. 

You see in the end this is what our government that loves us truly wants.  We shall all be equal in our servitude to the foreign corporations that have swindled us out of our country.  And of course poor or no health care should be considered completely acceptable so long as it is evenly distributed.

Of course the rich elite will not be counted among we equal Americans as they are indeed of a superior pedigree and are citizens of the world.  You see this is why what they are doing to us is not really treason, as they have taken an oath to the one worlders that supersedes that minor oath they have all taken to our Constitution. 

I guess in the end analyses all of our complaints really have no merit.  It is indeed an absurdity to think that a poor person could actually exist on the same level as a rich one.  It is impossible.  The poor person has no money, duh, and everyone knows that money is the single element that defines superiority. 

If we could just bring ourselves to face this reality I think a lot more of what’s going on around us would make sense.  You know the little things like why a war monger can sport a Nobel Peace Prize.  And why the most unintelligent and corrupt among us can reach the highest seats of power.  It’s simple.  It’s money.  It’s always been money.

God damn the worship of mammon.

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  1. Great article Rick. No one is really listening to us, but there will come a day when they will be held accountable for what they have done to our economy and the American people. I believe we will see that $5.00 a gallon sooner than most people think. My car has been broke for almost a year and I don’t have the money to fix it. I use my husand’s truck to take us back and fourth to doctor appointments, which is basically the only place I go.

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