The North American Union – Whether You Want It Or Not

On January 4, 2012, the insurgent infiltrator, Barry Soetoro, sent a memo to Homeland Security, putting an end to any illusion of border security and  instituting a blanket amnesty for any and all who would care to stroll across our southern border and shove their faces into the trough.

The number of illegals within the United States has, for the past few years, been reported to be at 11 million.  Now we find out that that number represents only a fraction, as it is admitted that only 3% of those who have been crossing into the United States are even so much as noticed.   

ICE has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration as they have been ordered to not enforce our immigration law, which is in reality another violation of our law as it equates to aiding and abetting an insurgency.

Most recently, as if to spit directly in our faces, it was revealed that the insurgents within are advertising our social programs down in Mexico to encourage further invasion.

And let us not forgot the 2000 foreign felons released on our streets to terrorize us as punishment for the communists not getting their way with the sequester.

Premier Soetoro will be heading to Mexico this week to meet with Premier Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss the present demands of the Mexican government upon we American nationals and our property.

There is a lot of debate in reference to the proposal of a North American Union, which every American national rejects.  I say, this North American Union has already been put into effect via the executive dictates, as our borders have literally disappeared.

Last week, a group of Senators went down to Arizona to get a firsthand look at the situation and got to witness a felony crossing in progress.  The invader was apprehended, but what do you want to bet she is walking our streets as you are reading this?

Why don’t we just quit playing these games and have Obama come up on the screen of the television and state emphatically,

“Some Mexicans will be coming to your door today.  They are good people, only looking for a better life and you are going to help them.  Upon their arrival you will hand them the keys to your home and car and vacate and wait in the street to follow them to your place of employment in the morning.  You will teach them your job and humbly bow out and start getting used to your new status as an American national interloper.” 

“This new policy is absolute and there will be a zero tolerance to any deviation from the protocol.  Any US national hindering the new foreign owners from acquiring their property, will be swiftly and harshly dealt with.  Should the foreign nationals want to rape or beat any of your family members, again, you will acquiesce and apologize for the offenses you have committed against these fine and decent people.”

I know this sounds a little demented, but really, how far off is this from the reality we are living in today?

8 thoughts on “The North American Union – Whether You Want It Or Not

  1. “I know this sounds a little demented, but really, how far off is this from the reality we are living in today?”

    It’s not demented at all. It IS the reality we’re living today, but it’s hidden behind so many lies and so much propaganda that it’s hard to see.

  2. Rachel, you are so right! I’ve have been trying to warn people about the illegal invasion for decades, but more often than not, my words fall on deaf ears that would rather hear the Yankees game or Justin Bieber. It’s no wonder the Zionists think of us as “goyim”.

    1. the zionist illegals are the ones behind the mexican illegals, using them to establish facts on the ground for panamerican US-Mex-Can integration.
      bill cooper discovered mason manuals from around 1906 or so, calling for such an integration. freemasonry= zionism agenda advanced by the stupid goyim around the globe. end game is zionist world govt over gentile cattle.

  3. and then they punish the people who legally immigrate for nonsense. i can attest firsthand to this. it is like they are encouraging the illegal way.

    1. I believe you. My wife came here legally with $700 of my hard earned dollars and she and I have never taken food stamps or unemployment or any benefits in our entire lives. But illegals get everything.They even make her file all this paperwork shit and threaten to take her green card away if she doesn’t follow the certain procedures, but the illegals don’t have to do shit and they give them everything. They definitely do encourage the illegal way.

      It’s like I told my wife, “Honest people can’t survive in this world anymore because we have a world controlled by dishonest people who live for getting rich through corruption and survive on the enjoyment of screwing over others.”

  4. Well, Barry Soetoro, We the People have news for you. The eastern part of the US was colonized – starting in the early 17th Century – by the BRITISH, not by the Spaniards. What claims do illegal aliens from Mexico, El Salvador, etc. have on these former BRITISH colonies? None. Any foreigner wishing to live here in the US must go through the legal process, such as applying for a visa at the US Embassy or Consulate(s) located within their respective nations. A form must be filled out; questions about sponsors already living and working in the US mus be answered. Anyone who illegally crosses a border must be stopped and deported right back to his/her country of origin.

  5. Dump the whole Senate, Congress and White House, because the borders are not secure, never will be secure and that’s so the North American Union becomes a reality. Afterall, millions of Mexicans are here, are not going to be sent back, and when their numbers become large enough because of the intentionally open borders, they will do whatever they want, which will be to rob middle class citizens of their money,courtesy of the Democrat and Republican parties. It’s all lies and nonsense, this amnesty and border security b.s. Again, non confidence in the Senate, Congress or White House must be voted on and made clear.

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