The “Phony” Cell Towers Are Part of the Smart Grid Mind Control Network

phony cell phone towersThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

What are the “phony” cell phone towers all about? Are they only for the purpose of “stealing” data from the electronic devices of unsuspecting people? The answer to this question may surprise you.

Paul Watson’s recent report, chronicled in the video listed below, accurately portrays 50% of the operational functioning of what is presently being referred to as “phony cell towers”. Watson is correct in that these “phony towers” are indeed stealing data from your electronic devices.  

However, Watson’s depiction of the phony cell phone towers only represents half of the picture. On the other side of the coin, these towers are part of a mind control apparatus. Here is an excerpt of the relevant patent.

United States Patent



August 22, 1989

Hearing device

A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown and described. A microphone is used to transform sound signals into electrical signals which are in turn analyzed and processed to provide controls for generating a plurality of microwave signals at different frequencies. The multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone.

Inventors: Stocklin; Philip L. (Satellite Beach, FL)
Family ID: 24247585
Appl. No.: 06/562,742
Filed: December 19, 1983

The patent’s use of the phrase “… introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown…The multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone“. In other words, this is a smoking gun patent for what is often referred to as “voice to skull” technology. This means that the thoughts (i.e. words) in your head may not be your own. This patent clearly demonstrates that the technology has existed to control your thoughts and the technology is over 35 years old.

Today, your smart meter, smart appliances and your wi-fi networks in your home all have this capability. In fact, one of my military sources, once associated with the project known as “Owning the Weather 2025″, tells me that any device which can receive or send an electrical signal is vulnerable to the manifestation of mind control through the psychotronic manipulation of the mind. The recently exposed phony cell phone towers are only part of an overall smart grid system designed, in part, to effect mind control. My military sources tell me that this system is part of what is popularly known as “the Smart Grid”. The various Smart Grids are all being connected into a what is called a “Land Area Network”.  My sources also tell me that mind control is only one function of this network and that presently there is an effort underway to integrate the various Land Area Networks across various continents (e.g. North American and Europe). The system, once fully integrated will include health care and overall energy usage. Mind control is a byproduct of this technology.

The technology works on two levels. First, external words which can manifest as integrated thoughts, can artificially and electronically be placed within your head. Second, your overall emotional functioning and immediate emotional perception can dramatically be altered through the application of “targeted” frequencies designed to manipulate a desired and overall emotional state of functioning. The genesis for this technology began with a Spanish neurologist over 50 years ago.

The Dawn of Mind Control

In the 1960′s,  Spanish neurologist, Jose Delgado was involved in a noteworthy bullfight. Without any real bullfighting training, he bravely stepped into the ring with a very dangerous and deadly bull. However, Delgado had a secret weapon.  He had previously implanted a radio-equipped electrode which was implanted into the bull’s limbic system (i.e. emotional center of the brain) which he called “stimoceivers.” Delgado subsequently demonstrated that he could manipulate an organism’s mind and body via remote control technology.  Thus, as the bull charged, an invasive electrical signal penetrated the bull’s limbic system and the bull calmlybroke off the attack in mid-charge.

Delgado found that by stimulating different regions of the limbic system, which controls emotion, Delgado could also induce fear, rage and a variety of other emotions, that he was able to manipulate the type and intensity of emotional reactions. Thus, Delgado discovered the fine art of mind control.

Intrigued by his work, Delgado was invited to teach and be a guest lecturer at such prominent universities such as Harvard and Yale. In 1968, Delgado went to work at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and this is where much of his research trail grows cold. We now know that SRI was a CIA front and was connected to the MK Ultra experiments. In 1974, Delgado abruptly returned to Spain and later became an outspoken opponent of mind control and its potential for harm and misuse by totalitarian societies. Perhaps, he was not on board with the CIA and what they eventually had planned for the American people.

In cats, monkeys, bulls and even humans he repeatedly demonstrated that he could control emotion and ultimately behavior. . In one experiment, Delgado stimulated the temporal lobe of a 21-year-old epileptic woman while she was calmly playing a guitar; in response, she flew into a rage and smashed her guitar against a wall, narrowly missing a researcher’s head. Perhaps the most medically promising finding was that stimulation of a limbic region called the septum could trigger euphoria, strong enough in some cases to counteract depression and even physical pain.

Later Delgado was able to impact the hypothalamus of a cat and induce uncontrollable rage in the animal. Keep in mind that this technology is over 60 years old. One can only imagine how far this technology has come during that time.

Delgado’s famous bull fight and the angry cat are depicted in the following video.

The lesson is clear, embedded chips can turn normal people into crazed killers and it can take crazed killers and turn them into passive beings. Interestingly, the most famous graduate of the MK Ultra program was the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

The Mind Control Delivery System: Project HAARP

The main threat to humanity lies in the fact that the technology exists to control all of human behavior at one time. A reasonable person would certainly ask “how is that possible?”  To answer that question, I refer the readers to Nick Begich’s website in which he details how mass electrical signals can beamed up from an array of antenna and bounced off the ionosphere in either a narrow beam covering a specific and defined geographic area, or it can be reflected back to earth in a broad beam application in which millions could be impacted by one electrical signal designed to change human behavior. We know this technology as Project HAARP.

United States Patent 5,159,703, Lowery, October 27, 1992, Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Inventors: Lowery, Oliver M. Appl. No. 458339 Filed December 28, 1989, discusses the microwave technology necessary for mind control. In this patent,  we witness the move from the mind control  of certain individuals who might have been programmed, which is frightening enough, to witnessing entire populations being controlled. The patent discusses the possibility of impacting millions at a time. The net effect of the technology is enhanced when there is a transducer in the body such as a embedded microchip.

The technology has publicly advanced to the point of where memories can be implanted through the use of specialized “USB” devices inserted directly into the regions of the brain responsible for certain memories. The implication is stunning. Not only can thoughts, not of your own choosing, be externally planted in your brain, now the technology exists to implant false memories.

Mind control has been prevalent in our society for several decades. Here is a list of 23 mind control technologies issued by the U.S. Patent Office since the 1950′s.

The DARPA research center is now developing an “implantable, closed-loop system” that may help restore memory. In simplified terms, the agency is creating a USB memory stick for the brain. The big unanswered question is who gets to control what memories are on the implantable USB memory stick?


When it comes to the potential subjugation of the United States, an invasion by a standing army, occupation by foreign troops and the full implementation of martial law, may never be necessary to control the people. If the currently available mind control technology is allowed to be fully integrated into the emerging Smart Grid and communications systems, complete control over the populace will have been accomplished. Not even George Orwell could have imagined such a nightmarish scenario.

11 thoughts on “The “Phony” Cell Towers Are Part of the Smart Grid Mind Control Network

  1. This is simply my personal story, I have no proof, but I do believe it. Many years ago, my sister and her husband went to a hypnotist to stop smoking. Long story short: The hypnotist asked my sister, do you have a strong belief in Jesus Christ…My sister said yes. He said “then I wont be able to hypnotize you”…
    I truly believe that our strong belief in Christ, our everyday commitment and communication with him, protects us from all of this mind control stuff…
    Just my personal belief, I am probably wrong 🙂 But I beieive it enough to continue my relationship with Christ with all my heart. He is my refuge, a light in the storm etc. I tear up as I write this. I dont know what I would do without Him.

    1. You are right about the shelter He has provided for us who believe, I have personally seen His Holy Spirit do amazing things in my life and others close to Him. Mockers will discount the truth, but in the end ” every tongue will confess and every knee will bow. ” Jesus is coming home soon !

    2. it does…to a point but the residual effects from the constant barrage over time affects the nervous system and such that it wears down the body and brain function causing a host of ailments. diseases. mental. emotional problems, nocturnal disturbances, etc until you eventually die. peoples so called alien abductions is easily applied through I believe this technology. its the perfect weapon. there are people whose experiences with the terror by night are so terrified calling on Jesus Christ to stop the abduction or sad to say others who believe these creatures are harmless and for their benefit while being experimented on. they say there’s no pain involved and these people actually anticipate, look forward to these abductions. secret abductions, secret experiments, deception, sure doesn’t sound benevolent to me. imagine, if they can get you to believe in aliens you would have no need to believe in the creator. that’s my take on it anyways.
      also, your neighbor could be aiming one of these backyard versions your way and you’d never know it. or how bout a hand held weapon and or personal remote control drone to momentarily knock out the power to your house tripping the electrical box or momentarily shutting down your car and the business your parked next to in their drive thru. this actually happened about two weeks ago. I figure why not tell people, “they” already know who I am.

      1. “…if they can get you to believe in aliens you would have no need to believe in the creator. that’s my take on it anyways.”

        Aliens are real. They’re just not really aliens.


  2. One of my most favorite shows both the old ones and the new from Canada was the Outer Limits and a long long time ago they had a episode devoted to this very thing and how it worked. Does anyone remember it. I vaguely remember the husband was away and discovered it returned home and found it already in use.

    1. This kind of sounds like what you might be talking about, Susan:

      18 Nov. 1963
      Corpus Earthling
      Parasitic advance guard from outer space strive to kill a physician, the only human who can hear them. Instead the physician believes he’s gone insane, because he first heard the aliens right after suffering a concussion in a lab explosion. His wife, the laboratory ‘s assistant, comforts him, while the lab’s geologist is targeted for takeover by the parasites.

      1. No the one I saw he was away from home where wife was when returning she was under the control when he came home to warn her. It was a great episode.

        1. Was it from the newer series? Or maybe a “Twilight Zone”, or “Night Gallery”? I went through the list of both seasons (original), and didn’t see anything else that sounded close. You can check for yourself if you like:


          1. To be honest I really can not remember only remember the show it stuck to me like glue. However, I did also watch the shows you mentioned too, love that genre.

  3. So the way to counteract this would be to wear headgear that blocks microwaves. I guess us “tinfoil hat” types were right about mind control waves. It just wasn’t extraterrestrials that are the source. So a hat with alternating layers of conductive and non-conductive materials should work. Just like the pouch I have for my cell phone that blocks all radio waves so the phone can’t be tracked.

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