The Prepper’s Checklist: Pocket Items You Need beyond a Good Knife

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Our community of fellow preppers is always trying to assess the best tools out there for surviving under almost any circumstances, which is why tool reviews and comparisons are some of the most popular features of our website. Unlike what other people think, preppers aren’t constantly stressed about being prepared for disaster striking, and fretting about it. On the contrary: a good prepper or survivalist expert is actually more relaxed about the possibility of bad times coming, precisely because he (or she) has done his (her) homework and knows how to tackle what may be coming.  

To aid you in precisely that journey of being as prepared for what may come as humanly possible, we’ve previously written this extensive guide on survival knives and what to look for in them. Today, we will share with you the list of essentials you will need beyond a good and reliable knife that can help you get out of any tight spot. If anything bad were to befall us tomorrow, this is what we would like to have with us in addition to that knife. We’re talking about small items here, the kind which will be easy to carry on your person without being weighed down too much. A proper list of essentials will of course include a rifle, a sleeping bag and things to have in your car or tent, but in today’s list, we’ll just focus on the small ones to carry on your person.

1. A Good Multi-Tool

There are a few things which your trusted survival knife won’t be able to do, no matter how gifted and well-chosen it is. For being able to open bottles or file a rough edge, open cans more efficiently or perform a precise cut, you will do better with a multi-tool instead. It’s also light enough not to become a burden if you have to carry all your essentials with you. We like the Leatherman’s range of tools, for example, but choose whatever brand you trust.


2. A Small Wrist Compass

A tiny watch around your wrist can save your life, if only by giving you the required confidence to keep going, once you have confirmation that you’re on the right track. Look for something water and shock resistant, if possible, and not too large. You don’t need all those fancy functions, so the lighter, the better.


3. A Gas Mask to Protect Your Breathing

If you get caught up in an area with wildfires or any other type of bio hazard that makes breathing difficult (or dangerous, if you inhale those fumes directly), then you will be grateful for having this mask on. The same if the disaster in which you may find yourself is sparked by a contagious disease. Look for a gas mask online, there are plenty of options.


4. A Head Lamp

Being able to use both hands while also illuminating whatever it is you’re working on will be more valuable than you can imagine. Look for something rater small, but with a strong elastic grip and a long battery life. You won’t need to carry a whole flash light after all!


5. A Water Purification Straw

Perhaps most importantly, if you plan to be able to survive for at least a few days by yourself and perhaps away from the comforts of civilized life, you will need something to purify water with so you can safely drink it. A water purification straw isn’t really a long-term solution, since these items usually only work for about 25 gallons, but it should definitely be part of your emergency kit for a few days.


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4 thoughts on “The Prepper’s Checklist: Pocket Items You Need beyond a Good Knife

  1. Someone must have huge pockets or carry a manpurse everywhere. I checked out the specific compact mask shown. It was a design prototype by Samsonite, but was never produced for sale. Don’t show compact but non-existant stuff. It is frustrating to some readers, like me.

  2. yeah yeah yeah.
    If you cant conceal your fire(or be able to start one) your fu#ked.
    If you rely on pliers to survive your f#cked.
    If your best compass(or if you actually need one outside of land navigation) your fuc*ed.
    If I see you in the woods wearing a breathing mask and a headlamp your fu^ck$d.
    the life straw is ‘easily’ concealed in your butt so I guess you’re still %ucke(.

    if you cant make reliable cordage(rope) from native vegetation you may want to carry some of different sizes like #36 and #8 bank-line and some 550 para-cord. It is better(imo) than any item on this.
    [excluding knife of course]

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