The Proof – Occupy Wall Street is 100% Fake – 100% Staged

Uploaded on Jan 4, 2012 by Weltgeheimnisse

IS A “BIG FAKE”. 100% FAKED || 100% STAGED || 100% SCRIPTED !!

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8 thoughts on “The Proof – Occupy Wall Street is 100% Fake – 100% Staged

  1. I have to say that while I agree that a good bit of the OWS movement is fake and staged, I dont quite agree with all the findings from (I think thats his website). As I started watching a good bit of his videos I was amazed at what I saw but then it was like he went off the deep end and started making connections between people that just looked alike. He said that Abbie Hoffman is Paul Glaser (Starsky & Hutch). I mean I guess things could be much weirder than I ever could perceive but some of his connections seemed a bit unwarranted. Has anyone else watched his videos or visited his website??? Im interested to hear more opinions on the subject. To me, what is more important is the part of the video at 3:28-3:34. Im a musician and I’ve got some pretty interesting software that could clean up the audio using parametric EQ. I’d be interested to find out exactly what they are saying at that point right before he gives the signal.

  2. I am surprised you put this video up. This guy is nothing more then a troll. Have you seen his other videos? OWS was and still is a vital part of the resistance. It changed my life and turned me into a revolutionary. I would bet this guy never set foot in a camp or a march, because he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

    1. Occupy Wall Street began as honest protest by the 99ers, the long term unemployed. Of course the soviet socialists did everything they could in their attempt to hijack the movement. In fact, after they realized this was impossible, the cameras turned away and the movement ceased to exist in the false reality, which is pretty much what has happened to the grass roots Tea Party movement after the neo-con hijacking.
      We now identify ourselves as the American nationals of the American race, fighting for the restoration of our Republic under our Bill of Rights. Our power has never been greater or more omnipresent. And as we have stayed individuals, it is impossible to infiltrate the movement, though the NRA and the neo-cons are trying to claim our power for their own as they support our 2nd Amendment out of one side of their mouths, while indicating that their needs to be reasonable compromise out of the other.
      Never make the mistake in judging the body of the movement by the footage released through the socialist propaganda machine.

  3. I’ve followed Ed’s trail for quite a while. The man is a genius. His ability to use Biometrics to measure facial features and ears. Absolutely fascinating. Do I believe all is what he believes? No. Is he the leading edge. Most certainly.
    I didn’t believe that Sheriff Arpaio was also Frank Rizzo, who of course is David Jr. But then I found a YouTube video of Mayor Rizzo giving some reporters in Philly some grief. I’ve met Arpaio and he is exactly like the A hole Mayor on the video.
    To realize that the Gabby Giffords “event” was staged blew it all wide open for me. I saw that one with my own eyes not long after it “took place”. No blood anywhere. Even though they claim someone had a “through wound” to the head. BS. The guy whose wife supposedly got shot stood around like he was waiting for his order at Mickey D’s. The guy that said he held Giffords and kept her from drowning on her blood and supposedly had his fingers in the entrance and exit holes in her head, the guy would be COVERED in blood. He nor his clothes had not one speck of blood.
    From watching Eds research I now see the other “victims” are mostly Greenberg family members and actors. Its all staged. Most news “reports” on religion or gun violence are staged.
    The cop that gave the bum some new shoes around Christmas time sure made the news. The cop was an actor and is a Greenberg. The store the shoes were bought from is owned by them also.
    What a damn mess.
    The world is a much better place than they want us to believe.

  4. You believe OWS is a vital part of the resistance? Most of the people at OWS hate libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, gun owners etc. A good bit of them are communists who share a common enemy with us. I agree that Wall Street is definitely one of our main enemies but the answer is definitely NOT communism or bigger government. How the hell do these people think they can be revolutionaries without being armed? Do they really believe camping in tents while the wall street execs look down at them will ultimately do or change anything? Real or fake, it doesn’t matter because it’s too late for all that bs anyhow. I will say that just about any movement out there is easily infiltrated by agents, fakes, opportunists, counter culture. The list goes on and on.

  5. Occupy Wall street was as fake as Wall Street itself.When Michael Mooron advocates something its a red flag to search for deeper meaning.It was largely a band of misinformed fools searching for salvation through the very entities who seek to destroy them.Give me this and that,so I may have more freedom to plunder my neighbor in ways not lawfully accesssible to the individual but well within the realm of my beloved nanny state.The fools suckered into “occupy” knew there was something rotten in Denmark but failed to see the forrest for the trees.”I’m here of good conscience to demand more from my masters at the expense of my brothers.”Free your minds and save yourselves.Freedom has necessary limitations and will not knock on the door of socialists.That is the rapping of homeland security you so fervently desire.

  6. Is anyone else aware that the greatest thing Barry Soetorro ever produced was a phony certificate of birth?And yet he claims to have the means to save you through tyranny and the systematic maintenace of unabashed ignorance.You know if Vince Lombardi were a statesman rather than a football coach he may well have rightfully stated that freedom isn’t the most important thing.It’s the only thing.

  7. ows is like most protest groups,
    initially and mostly honest,
    but infiltrated by police, int-agents and in ows case, god knows how many PI’s & spy’s for the banks & corps.

    the problem is that the tiny number of scum often work up to the top by that fact that they can obviously offer the group more time & funds.

    i’v seen this happen with the anti-war groups, and one of the european enviromental groups.
    at one point they where getting most of there funding from the u.k. police via a plant without even knowing it!

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