“The Unit” | Team Shooting Drill

Published on Nov 19, 2013 by Polenar Tactical

This is a scenario based shooting drill made for entertaining purposes only. It shows a fire team of five moving trough hostile territory. They spot the enemy forces, go into position and perform a coordinated attack. They use high ground and element of surprise to their advantage, overwhelming the enemy with suppressive fire and quick maneuvering.There were definitely some mistakes made but this was never meant to be a “how to” on tactics but more as a cinematic representation of team shooting drill.

Firearms used: H&K G3, CZ 858 (Vz58), M70 ab2, CZ 75, Sig Sauer P226, H&K USP

One thought on ““The Unit” | Team Shooting Drill

  1. so THAT’s what it looks like when rich people do it.

    nice gear. I look forward to finding some laying around one of these days. Until then i’ll just make due with ripped and dirty tac gear and a rifle i built.

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