The United States A Sacrifice Zone For Mass Immigration

illegal lineBefore It’s News – by Frosty Wooldridge

In pre-civil war days, the famous author of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain said “silent-assertion” stood as the “shabbiest of all lies.” In 1855, northern leaders and intellectuals refused to speak against slavery.   They found the practice immoral and distasteful, but few stood up to denounce it.   Twain created the new term to deal with the phenomenon of citizen silence.

Today, with the United States being overwhelmed by millions of legal and illegal immigrants along with their prolific birth rates, “silent-assertion” continues while America suffers in every sector of her society. This country gallops from its current 315 million to 400 million by 2035 and a whopping 438 million by 2050—a scant 37 years from now.

According to “U.S. Population Projections” by Fogel-Martin and the US Census Bureau, our country will reach a low of 625 million to a high of 669 million people by the end of this century.

Yet citizens and leaders sit while our educational standards degrade, medical systems suffer, infrastructure diminishes, environment decays, welfare fraud grows, language chaos explodes and tax systems suffer from large scale scams.

In order to maintain a republic, our Founding Fathers mandated that citizens gain a solid education from grades K-12.  Our third president, Thomas Jefferson understood that a republic could survive only if its citizens could think critically and perform math, understand science and make intelligent choices for leaders.  He became the father of the University of Virginia—his proudest achievement.

Today,  according to a report on CNN News, 7,000 high school students drop out every day during the nine month school cycle—one every 26 seconds.  Schools in Los Angeles suffer 50 percent flunkout rates.  As reported by Brian Williams on NBC, a whopping 76 percent of students dropout or flunkout of Detroit, Michigan schools annually.  A 40 to 50 percent dropout rate remains the norm in many larger American cities.

If you look at poverty-stricken countries, one word describes their inability to develop into first class countries: illiteracy.  The United States devolves itself with lowered academic standards and millions of illiterate citizens.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports:  Thirty-two million U.S. adults cannot read. Forty-eight million read below a 5th grade level. Sixty-three percent of 2.3 million U.S. prison inmates cannot read.  A total of 42 million Americans are deemed functionally illiterate.  That means they cannot read, write or perform simple math problems.

Annually, our U.S. Congress imports a minimum of 1.2 million legal immigrants, tens of thousands of illegal migrants.  In addition, they in turn, birth 900,000 babies according to the Center for Immigration Studies. (

As of February, 2013, a mind-numbing 47.7 million Americans subsist on food stamps.  They cannot secure a job because they are too illiterate to qualify for a job or they lack the personal drive to gain a job.  Thus, they become our new “entrenched poverty” class.

When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it spells the downfall of any civilization. The USA has become a sacrifice zone for mass immigration.

With such an ongoing “Human Katrina” flooding into our country, it means we cannot maintain our educational standards, our medical systems, our infrastructure or our language.  We cannot sustain our standard of living or our quality of life.

While citizens didn’t speak up in 1855, the history books tell us that everyone paid a severe price as to the Civil War.  Today, if we fail to speak up, eventually, citizens and immigrants alike will pay a severe price in future years.

5 thoughts on “The United States A Sacrifice Zone For Mass Immigration

  1. As of February, 2013, a mind-numbing 47.7 million Americans subsist on food stamps. They cannot secure a job because they are too illiterate to qualify for a job or they lack the personal drive to gain a job. Thus, they become our new “entrenched poverty” class.

    The above statement is totally inaccurate. This is not the case, there are other reasons for not working, such a no job availability and the fact that the present upper caste generally decides who will work and who won’t. And how many identities have been stolen by illegals and how many illegals are involved in your figure of food stamps?

    Just sayin’ this is NOT accurate.

  2. this is really a war against white people. look at what is coming down the pike at the same time,99% of legal guns are owned by white guys 99% of illegals are non white. the gunowning citizens will be made into criminals overnite while the criminal illegals will be made into legal citizens. and I had to pick this week to stop sniffing glue lol

  3. “In order to maintain a republic, our Founding Fathers mandated that citizens gain a solid education from grades K-12.”

    WTF? Frosty has gone over the edge with this total bullshit. There wasn’t even the idea of mandatory education in the US until the 1850s, and the reason for instituting it was to brainwash the kiddies with government propaganda and to make good drones for the industrial capitalists. The idea was borrowed from a German prince whose soldiers had had their asses kicked by Napoleon. The prince decided to start sorting his subjects early and training them for the positions he wanted them to fulfill after their education.

  4. Man, it’s a policy that is being implemented throughout Europe and is well underway to undermine America.And to leave populations fighting one against the other when the world populations need to quit warring with one another,toss the international free trade agreements and begin to unceremoniously lynch the globalist entities who consider themselves to be above governments or populations.Why do we kill each other in wars of fear when the very purveyors and profiteers of war don’t have the ambition to wipe their own asses?I suggest we simply tell the reptiles to fight their own wars.What if they had a war and nobody showed up?Would the leaders of the great nations row their boats across the seas to kill one another to save humanity?And would sean hannity row the boat to make sure he didn’t miss the scoop?It ain’t no war against white people.How the f#@k can you say that when its the peaceful,defenseless Palestinians who are being destroyed?But it will be a war against white people.It’s a war against people.And it’s being won because we’re divided by religion and race and color while we kill each other while the perpetrators rake in the land and the property and the wealth we have created for them.And these people are white,although unless your blood is blue they don’t care what color your skin is.They’ll use a dark skinned puppet like Obama and I wouldn’t doubt it a bit that the Rothschilds will have him assassinated before his second term is through just to throw the U.S. into further turmoil and to show that white supremacy is king.That’s how sick they are.

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