9 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 15, 2018

  1. A former COP, a true violator of my Bill of Rights!!! He didn’t know the BofR’s when he fed his belly by harassing his brethren on our roads, and he still doesn’t know the BofR’s, so he has NOTHING to offer nor sell me on! I bet he thinks he’s a real law abiding citizen keeping us little people in line.

  2. Northern Pennsylvania

    88 degrees – cat 5 tornado warnings – rain wind all hell breaking loose. Yes, I’m parked at Wilkes -Barre, Penn- thank god.

    My dispatcher tells me you have to run even if the weather is bad, I told him to eat shit.

    1. Mark ….it’s eat shit and die! Many choose to follow up with mfer. …just sayin. …stay safe !

  3. We all know the answer, the remedy is our Bill of Rights with the return to our Common Law Courts. Every day as I go up to the post office to collect my mail, I think to myself ‘I hope there is at least one request in there today’. Day after day nada….zero…nothing…zilch…WTH PEOPLE? HENRY has done all the heavy lifting. He has provided us with a TREASURE, a tool to help educate the masses about our salvation from tyranny. Henry’s CD ‘Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained is approximately 6 hours in length and in one word AWESOME. Get these cds and hand them out to friends, family, and even strangers, leave them in waiting rooms, store shelves, where ever! ALL I asked for was a lousy buck to help with postage. OK SO NOW I SAY FREE…..IS THAT ENOUGH TO GET YOU MOTIVATED. Like JR posted the other day: ‘this is not a spectator sport…..’

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