These Are The 15 US Companies With The Most Offshore Profits

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

In the aftermath of several recent events such as i) the issuance of new mega batch of $12 billion in bonds by a suddenly domestic-cash strapped Apple, ii) the repatriation of $9 billion in offshore profits (and payment of $3 billion in taxes) by eBay, iii) the flurry of pharma M&A deals and reverse mergers in which US companies are redomiciled offshore (in low corporate tax hosts like Ireland) to avoid paying US taxes, and iv) the outright use of offshore funds to buy offshore companies such as the GE-Alstom deal which bypasses the US treasury entirely, two questions emerge: who has the most offshore cash, and who is most likely to be the next US corporation to engage in one or all of the above listed transactions which merely seek to optimize a company’s offshore cash holdings.  

The answer is shown on the chart below: this is the list of the top 15 US companies that have the bulk of accumulated offshore profits, amounting to roughly $1 trillion in cash, which is never subject to US taxation, and which financial engineers try to generate the highest shareholder returns on.

2 thoughts on “These Are The 15 US Companies With The Most Offshore Profits

  1. OK people, you see all those companies purposely and intentionally doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes yet profiting enormously in the American market. These companies have bought off many politicians to bend the tax laws that allow them to shirk their responsibility and fair tax burden. However, these companies don’t mind making billions of dollars doing business in the US, they just don’t like playing by the same rules as the rest of us. Just remember when the time comes, spare the hemp rope-spoil the honest businessman.

  2. There is only two periods in the whole article. Tyler Durden needs to lay off the crack pipe.

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