“They Are Trying To Get You To Stay Home”

*Start listening at (41:08) to (41:19)

“So When You Hear Folks Talking About A Global Conspiracy and Saying That This Election Is Rigged Understand That They Are Trying To Get You To Stay Home”

6 thoughts on ““They Are Trying To Get You To Stay Home”

  1. Thanks for the vid. I downloaded it and put it on my cell phone, in case I swallow poison, it’s guaranteed to induce vomiting…

  2. Those two dumb ass’ can take my vote and stick it up their back side. Put those diebold machines up there too! I had two family members tell me recently……. “if you don’t vote, you don’t get to have a voice”! Un-f-ing real. Watching and listening to all these Trump, Clinton and Sanders followers go around in circles all day long is absolute insanity. A bunch of powerless, worthless pieces of sh*t.

  3. I am losing my mind? i do not remember posting this in fact I know I didn’t because I stopped watching Hillary and Trump videos to keep from throwing up. Check on this please since the date is recent.

    1. You are not losing your mind, but Laura and I operate with half a brain between us and it is tired.
      Apologies., it has been remedied.

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