Trump Called Edward Snowden a Traitor, Implied He Should Be Executed

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Dykes

Sure, Hillary Clinton is a banshee nightmare from Hell, but that really doesn’t mean Donald Trump is automatically amazing just because literally anything is better than Hillary. That’s a pretty low bar.

Trump has assured us he’ll give a lot more power to Big Brother as if we aren’t already living in an Orwellian nightmare as it is. He has said that he will grow the police state, boost the Patriot Act, and extend the neverending wars (he keeps mentioning Iran specifically, because no matter who becomes president, they all know they have to sing that same old “Which Path to Persia?” tune). Once I even heard the man say he expects the NSA to be listening in to all our phone calls… guess that makes it okay???  


Trump has also called Edward Snowden a traitor and implied that he should be executed.

He also banned Snowden from Miss Universe… which I’m sure must’ve really broken poor Edward’s heart.

While Snowden may be a limited hangout, that’s beside the point here. Without Snowden, we wouldn’t have so much hard physical evidence of just how much our Constitution has been trampled, our 4th Amendment has been run over, and our privacy has been rendered nonexistent in the cybernetic technological control grid we now find ourselves living in.

How is exposing the tyrannical government’s crimes against the people a traitorous act worthy of death?

And this talk of “justice”?

Real justice would be someone standing up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and challenging Big Brother and the NSA surveillance state, something neither Trump nor Hillary ever planned to do.

Then again, Trump is the same guy who said he would “take out” the family members of terrorists. Do you have a criminal in the family? How would you like to be killed because your family member is a criminal? Same logic fail.

Like this government is honest about who the real terrorists even are anyway. Come on. If we’re to believe Trump is that naive, he shouldn’t go anywhere near the oval office.

Then again, how does the saying go? Everyone that would make a truly good president is smart enough to realize they’d never want to be president? Not that presidents are really running anything in this country anyway…


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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheepleand a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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11 thoughts on “Trump Called Edward Snowden a Traitor, Implied He Should Be Executed

  1. Trump, you are such a turncoat. Here you brought up, during the debates, the WikiLeaks when it served you to blast HC, now you speak of executing Snowden.

    People that are on board for this guy are absolute fools!

    1. Yes, excellent point about Trump’s hypocrisy regarding Wikileaks. But I doubt Trump is bright enough to even be aware of his inconsistency.

      1. It’s only his opinion if a string puller approves .
        These two are this countries biggest losers .
        The exposure to all their corruption
        If one is paying attention ,is at an all time high .
        I’m wondering if it will end up with any wings after this country gets stuck with whom ever ,and realizes we were F’ed so long ago and and layed down for it .
        That the dirt has already piled up around us ,to the point where we’re getting buried in the shit .
        Just look what this bunch of thieves and the crap they are pulling out west with all the land , resources, etc oh and most important the human beings living there ., even indigounus groups of people , societies
        We gotta unite some how or were done

        I want it to be ubundantly clear that I support every persons opinions here
        And in many places like this
        We need to get out there and spread this knowledge to those unaware
        Or this will be another society screwed by the oligarchs, pilfered , and left to ruins

  2. Ed Snowden is not only a hero, but one of the greatest heroes in all of American history. He made enormous sacrifices and took mortal risks to warn us all, and he exposed top US officials as the lying, hypocritical, scheming rats they are.

    Trump? He’s just another traitor to the Bill of Rights and, consequently, to America itself. Anyone who votes for him (or Hillary, of course) is no better.

    F–k you, Trump. You aren’t worthy to lick the feet of Ed Snowden, a true patriot and man of honor.

  3. Sad thing about Edward Snowden is that he did all he did for really nothing. He didn’t tell us anything that patriot circles haven’t been screaming about for years.

    That said he did get the enemies of America all riled up. 🙂 Ashly done old boy! 🙂

    As far as what Trump said? Trump is a philandering bastard, spoiled little rich boy who had a stake in like handed to him to turn into billions. I say don’t be too surprised if he starts WW3 too. He also is in favor of emenent domain takings to increase property tax revenues. How many old folks has he turned out of their homes to build his “SIN CITY” casinos?

    He kisses Israel’s ass every chance he gets. DISGUSTING!!!!

    All that said he’s marginally better than Hitlery the pedifile, hectite witch, mobstress, demon seed, Clinton.

    We have a choice between Bad, horror beyond imagination, or we can vote our conscience and vote for Daryl Castle of the Constitution Party. Good guy, and no compromise needed.

    1. I wouldn’t say Snowden’s actions were in vain. Yes, most thinking people *assumed* the US government was illegally spying on Americans, but assuming is different from knowing. Few people really understood just how extensive the unconstitutional operations were.

      Other benefits of the Snowden revelations include:

      ** The release of countless technical details that were previously unknown about NSA spy operations, allowing for more effective countermeasures. The details of these can be found at various techie sites around the Web, or at The Intercept.

      ** By revealing that US allies and even the Vatican were being targeted for surveillance, he proved that the spy operations weren’t about “fighting terrorism” at all, but world domination.

      ** Snowden proved outright congressional perjury by James Clapper and, by extension, the corruption of the system that hasn’t prosecuted or even fired the perjurer. (Of course now this is being demonstrated via the Clinton email scandal as well.)

      ** The use of “parallel construction” in domestic US criminal cases has been revealed. It’s important for Americans to be aware of this practice, which flagrantly violates constitutional due process guarantees.

      ** Confirmation of the close collaboration of major US tech companies with the government.

      To be sure, Snowden didn’t steal ALL the government’s secrets. There’s still more we don’t know. But he did substantial damage to the surveillance state. More important, Snowden dealt a death-blow to any remaining credibility the US government may have tried to claim as a “defender of freedom and human rights.”

  4. So is this a legit news story or a hit piece on Trump? Reads like one of those “stories” the main drive by media puts out.

    1. It’s legit news. Which of its points do you dispute? Do you deny that Trump called Snowden a “traitor” who should be hanged? That alone is a deal-breaker in my book.

      Trump’s opposition to the Bill of Rights is well known. He has repeatedly stated that he supports mass surveillance, “stop and frisk,” and generally increased police powers. These positions are completely unacceptable to anyone who cares about freedom in America.

      Yes, I know that Hillary is no better (and even worse on foreign policy), but a traitor to the Bill of Rights is not excused by the worse treason of another.

      MSM coverage of Trump is entirely different. Those stories focus almost exclusively on manufactured controversy over issues of no real importance. I agree that the MSM and the US political establishment hate Trump and will stop at nothing to smear him, but the enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend.

  5. His call for execution of anyone opposing an oppressive and occupying enemy govt is a call for execution of anyone here who opposes it. I still don’t believe snowden is genuine because of many reasons, and I believe presenting him and the promotion of the idea of “enemies of the state should be executed” would largely be embraced by blind monkey trumpet-blowers if an ahole like chump were to propose it. Making the people beg for their own enslavement and demise is one their mo’s. Cheeky.

  6. Snowden’s legal advisor, Jesselyn Radack, of the Government Accountability Project, received $850,000 in one year alone from George Soros’ “Open Society Institute”. Get that? Snowden’s lawyer is receiving money from George Soros. Is Snowden ignorant of the fact? Also, Snowden was elected to the Board of Directors of the “Freedom of the Press Foundation”. He joined Daniel Ellsberg as a Director. Daniel Ellsberg was a member of the CFR for over 40 years. These people are not heroes. They are con men. Trump knows who Snowden, Ellsberg & Assange are, but he is playing the game.

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