9 thoughts on “This is how many local police now see themselves…

  1. Oh, I get it, they wannabe like the military, except they aren’t, and without the real training, and oh yeah, committing war in non war zone. Right, got it. fvckin poseur wannabes getiin off on putting the beat down on defenseless civilians.,…check. Yeah, real tough guys there.

    1. One thing to remember is many of the police are now former military, so it’s very easy and familiar to them to train, gear up and operate like the military. I was a city cop years ago (late 70’s early 80’s) and I saw the face of law enforcement starting to change even then; but it’s not the same as now. Many of my cop buddies (almost all old school cops like me) see their departments being taken over by former military and the face of the departments are becoming military.

      I personally don’t have a problem with military guys (and gals) becoming civilian law enforcement, but the departments need to retrain them to be law enforcement, not paramilitary. I know at this point it will never happen, but hey, it could happen!! Yea right; not in our life time.

  2. How do you un train a killer? The ones that like to hurt and terrorize and kill people come back and become cops/sheriffs or they become mercenaries. The militarization of the law enforcement community is what the real problem is,that and the corrupt courts and other forms of government that cover for them. Can you even venture a guess what they get away with that we never even hear about? The ones that come home with a conscience wind up on SSRI’s because living with what they have done and saw becomes unbearable for some of them. Every bit of this madness has been cause by this government and its love for war! Now the war is on the citizens and the battle ground is your neighborhood and its easy to see who the real terrorist are in that neighborhood. Now couple that with the borders being wide open and thugs and gang members flooding in and what could possibly go wrong there. This will never end peacefully and anyone with half a brain know it wont.

  3. Those police caught abusing the people should be sent to Afghanistan on repeated tours, until they come home in a box. Then they will be welcomed. This could replace our innocent troops who are forced into battle situations against their will.

      1. No, there really are innocent troops, fresh off the farm, 18 years old, who don’t have a clue. Until they get them into a situation where they are forced to kill or be killed. So much for innocence. I think the ones guarding the poppy fields have been there a while, who probably grew up with video games in their hands shooting the bad guys.

  4. Aren’t you meant to get out of the vehicle asap after the door opens? I am no expert but it looked to me like a perfect spot for an RPG.

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