This Is Only Going To Get Worse. Big Food Is Going To Great Lengths To Grow Seedless Fruits

By Wall Street Apes

They’ve monopolized food and are in the process of taking away your ability to grow food

“These are huge nets and guess what they’re for? These nets are to keep the bees out. So right now the trees are setting the crop for mandarins that are going to get harvested next winter. And nobody wants seeds in their mandarins. So this variety is W. mercot. Which is a cool variety, that’s what they look like.

If there’s bees that get in there and they get pollen from another citrus into here, it makes a bunch of seeds.

And the citrus industry actually sued the apiary industry over this a long time ago. And the result was these big nets, and these are actually fishing nets, but it’s really interesting.

Yeah, impressive really to see these ginormous nets going over the whole thing and stopping all of the bees from getting in there. And that’s how we create seedless mandarin.”

4 thoughts on “This Is Only Going To Get Worse. Big Food Is Going To Great Lengths To Grow Seedless Fruits

  1. Most disturbing. And infuriating.

    Sacrosanct, definition: regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.

    And that’s what they’re doin’ — messin’ with the sacrosanct. Tampering with one of the major essences of existence.

    Save the seeds!!!!!!!!


  2. doesn’t matter any more, try taking a tomato you bought at the store and plant its seeds ..nothing happens I’ve tried it ..same thing happens when you buy a commercial seed in those packets , that seed will germinate and grow and produce, but the veggie that plant produces those seeds will not
    I’ve tried this on just about every typ home garden variety of plant you can buy or grow from say Burpie seeds etc

    they are all GMO to not reproduce .. they want you to keep buying their seeds and their veggies , they’ve genetically modified them

    about the only thing I can do this with now are potato’s by cutting one up and putting it a few inches deep in loose soil , potato’s still get it done .. and you can live off of potato’s ..not exciting food but you wont die

    1. Geez EOTS, that almost made me weep. Sad state of affairs. And they have their seed vault up there in Norway, not too far from The North Pole. Always lookin’ after themselves, eh?

      About 15 years ago, for about $50 I purchased a quart-sized jar or heirloom seeds. Contains about every variety of edibles. I keep it in a dark area and I’m told it can last indefinitely. I get some comfort from that but now, after typing this I wonder who might come to my door demanding my seeds. What a world. For sure, I will fight for them.


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