6 thoughts on “This piece of plastic can turn almost any gun into a machine gun

  1. “What was your reaction when you found out what this criminal had in his hands?”

    Which criminal was he referring to? Plenty to choose from!

    “We do not live in a warzone.”

    Yes we do! We always have. Freedom has always been suppressed by the constant threat of violence from thug enforcers in blue & black uniforms. Sheeple have just become so conditioned to the constant propaganda that goes along with it that tells them the opposite.

  2. “American national defends his Rights from lifelong career criminal and known violent gang members responsible for the kidnapping of thousands, extortion and murder. Highlight at :54 seconds.”

    1. Re:American nationals. My eyes and ears have perked up so much more so in the past couple years, in that, I rarely hear (outside trenches) us referred to nationals.
      We’re always referred to as citizens, subjects, occupants, and such.
      After looking into those derogatory terms, I get really disgusted and correct whomever I’m talking to, if that’s the case.
      I also feel like the phrase “[blank] National has a negative connotation, which is why Americans will/don’t use it.
      Media has done its job, and made the world national to be synonymous with “bad guy”.

  3. @4:26 – 5:40. OMG!! I never heard of “ShotSpotter,” The Great Listening In. Microphones throughout our cities. What else are they picking up?


  4. “he was blind sided” “never saw it coming”

    Well he had his gun drawn and was wearing body armor so I think he was NOT blind sided.

    Too bad so sad.

  5. I ain’t knocking full auto
    There’s a time for it.
    Making hits, and still having chicklets is a good thing.
    Couldn’t watch the rest though.
    The commie speak I didn’t wish to hear.

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