Those sneaky marines

Sneaky Marines Optical IllusionMight Optical Illusions – by James Dean

Carlo Lavini pointed out this US Marines helicopter. It seems that marines can be pretty sneaky when it comes to making pranks. Did you notice anything strange in the first photo of a helicopter? Check the shapes that are part of the camouflage. Get it now? I believe there are no rules that define how the camouflage shapes should look like, as long as they are in proper color, and fill their purpose. Other than that, it should be fine… About camouflage, remember that human chameleons? It should be easy to make similar uniforms, the only problem is then you couldn’t move much, and everyone should look at you from only one spot. Invisible cloak, however should have more possibilities.  

Sneaky Marines Optical Illusion

Sneaky Marines Optical Illusion

Sneaky Marines Optical Illusion

Sneaky Marines Optical Illusion

6 thoughts on “Those sneaky marines

  1. My Fellow Marines,

    Uh-Rah Brothers,.. good job!

    This camoflage pattern is designed to terrify the enemy around the world.

    We all know that Islamic Terrorists are afraid of women – hence why they make they cover up.

    We all know Zionis/International/Monetary-Jews hate women – hence why they support,.. and DEMAND the gay agenda become widespread.

    We all know atheists hate women – hence there refusal to believe in the natural laws of nature and God (that a man a women are the only rightful definition of a loving couple, a family nucleaus, and what constitutes a proper mother and a father.

    I guess it is the DUTY of US Marines to take care of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL those lonely women!

    Carry on Marines.

    JD – US Marines – The US Marines – a dep’t of the Navy,… the men’s dep’t.


  2. Surprised no one has bitched about this being sexist. Course with the Marines I know, they would tell them to come remove it, if you dare. Good job MARINES.

  3. Ive got all kinds of cool figures i have put in my camo paint jobs, Mine are a bit harder to see but follow along some of the same lines
    although if you didnt study it, you’d probably never find them

  4. I’m sure if it had been women marines painting a hunky guy with donkey equipment hanging down, the feminists would think it was ok. Or maybe it was female marines that painted that lol. (j/k)

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