9 thoughts on “To all who hate when someone says Merry Christmas

  1. The supreme culmination of a Pagan Treefest that was incorporated in a religion to make conversion/saving of the Pagans smoother, and then transformed into a Capitalistic Consume Fest.

    I vote for Peter Pan day. Just from another book.

    No hate necessary. Just reality.

    Now one thing I don’t get is this. So why do we non believers wait to nourish ourselves until you have said your thanks and blessing?

    Maybe a tad bit respect back for people that don’t believe, or believe different would be nice. Because really, when the religious close their eyes for the blessing and thanks, the non believers know exactly who in the room don’t believe since we look at each other.

      1. I don’t care what you believe. Having written that, Offending the people or giving it a good try to see whether people that don’t believe will kneejerk when confronted with something that is supposed to be offending, doesn’t help your cause of convincing them of anything.

        1. 1. It wasn’t directed at any Trenchers.
          2. Not particularly my belief.
          3. It was to be offensive. (Obviously)
          4. If you didn’t take issue, you’d have said nothing.
          5. No apologies, and may your day be well.

          1. “If you didn’t take issue, you’d have said nothing.”

            If I only want to read, I take a book.

            I wish you a good day also.

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