To Survive Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans


The Meanwhile In The Future podcast (at Gizmodo) decides to look at ways to genetically modify humans to survive climate change:

A lot of researchers are thinking about how to genetically engineer crops and food animals to help them withstand post-climate change heat and parched conditions. But what about genetically engineering humans to slow our constant carbon contributions?

In 2012 a philosopher named Matthew Liao co-authored a paper that proposed altering human biology to combat climate change. In the paper, Liao and his colleagues propose a number of possible changes to human biology to help us combat climate change. When the paper came out, it got a lot of attention. Some people thought that Liao and his colleagues were trolling the academic community or that it was some sort of early April Fools joke. Bill McKibbon, a prominent environmental advocate Tweeted that the suggestions in the paper were the “worst climate change solutions of all time.” And, of course, climate skeptics thought it was totally insane to alter human genetics in response to a problem they do not believe in.

In the paper and in subsequent interviews Liao and his co-authors said that they’re not necessarily advocating for any one of these modifications in particular. Instead, they just think scientists should look into how feasible changing certain aspects of human biology might be. Co-author Rebecca Roache (who we talked to for the Eternal Life in Prison episode) told Leo Hickman of the Guardian that “human engineering may ultimately be unworkable; but this should be because it is impossible to implement, or because its costs outweigh its benefits.”…

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4 thoughts on “To Survive Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans

  1. “In 2012 a philosopher named Matthew Liao co-authored a paper that proposed altering human biology to combat climate change.”

    I’m going to guess that Matthew Liao decided to launch his career as a “philosopher” as soon as his unemployment checks ran out, but he’d perform a much bigger service to society by shutting his pie-hole and picking up a broom.

    “….Liao and his colleagues were trolling the academic community….”

    Sorry, buddy, but when you “troll the academic community” all you’re going to find are politically correct, sophomoric fools who don’t actually know anything about the real world, so it’s not exactly the best place to steer your search for wisdom. These days there’s absolutely no difference between a university campus and a Moonie brainwashing camp.

    Please confine your “climate change” solutions to the university property. The rest of us are living in the real world, where “climate change” is a fraud, and all of its proponents are mocked for their gullibility.

  2. The criminal psychopathic elites are already trying to alter their DNA (funny, but they refuse to eat GMO food which they are forcing upon the world exclusively for us little people…that way, our DNA gets changed whether we want it changed or not…vaccinations they are forcing on us do the same thing, etc.). Believe it or not, for you atheists out there, the so-called Illuminati DO believe in the Bible, DO believe that Nimrod of Tower of Babel fame altered his own DNA to become a “mighty hunter before the Lord” (Gibborhim in Hebrew), and DO believe they can do this themselves in preparation for the so-called “end times” which will be “as it was in the days of Noah” (said by Jesus Christ in a Gospel), only this time their god Satan wins.

    1. “… only this time their god Satan wins.”

      A free, all-expenses-paid, PERMANENT vacation to the Lake of Fire, DL?

  3. “To Survive Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans”

    Title needs reworking…

    “To Survive The New World Order, We Must Eliminate The Zionist Parasites Posing As Humans”

    Interestingly enough, they used the original phrase from the Iron Mountain report – ‘climate change’, as opposed to ‘global warming’.

    In yer face.

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