Trencher Alert: Spike Timmons attacked in death

You people who knew and loved Spike Timmons knew about his conflict with one Bob Miner.  When the Hutaree Militia were arrested and Mark Koernke couldn’t get to the area before the incident was a done deal, the nobody son of a bitch Bob Miner attacked Mark, calling him a fraud and a traitor.  Spike Timmons stepped up to Mark’s defense and in so doing became the blood enemy of Bob Miner.  

Old Bob got himself in trouble in North Dakota recently and Mark Koernke has stepped up as his champion.  Why?  Well you see, when they came and took Bob’s guns and his kids, they took one more item that is more important than loyalty between brothers in arms.  They took the Bible.  Of course they took the Bible because that is where the records of the births of Bob’s children were contained, but it mattered not, as the Bible is more important than any loyalty of any man.

I tried to tell Spike what the true lay of the land was but he could not accept it.  In the end, the Bible clique will come together for the theocracy and the Bill of Rights be damned.

One Hardway has been taking over the morning Intelligence Report in avocation of Bob Miner and Mark has embraced it.

I’ve told you guys this is the Masonic Dirty Church Cabal, restructuring as a part of the Micro Effect for the reinstitution of their authority in violation of our Bill of Rights.

Here is some dialogue that transpired between myself and a couple of cowards in the Micro Effect’s chatroom.  See what they thought of Spike Timmons and what they think of you and me.  They would have us fight this war and then shoot us in the back upon our victory.  We must come to know each and every one of these son of a bitches for who and what they are.

[07:33:24] Henry: turning my broadcast off the hardway show

[07:33:40] dd2: grow up little gurl

[07:34:06] dd2: yours was removed from the broadcast years ago you do more damage to ppl this needs gotten out

[07:34:15] dd2: all i gonna do is laugh when they attack you

[07:36:50] dd2: must still be crying over his tattooed drug buddy getting offed

[07:40:50] dd2: the little gurl crys my kids like me hahaha all programed bob didnt start out knowing the oder kids went throw the programing shcools shots taht oldest is a messed up freak

[07:41:02] dd2: not a product of bob but shots and school

[07:54:33] Henry: ‹@dd2› why don’t you come on down to chiloquin and do it yourself, you spineless coward. I ain’t hard to find

[07:56:06] Henry: I’m sending the word across the country what you said about Spike, you son of a b-tch

[07:56:50] dd2: sounds like someone needs its safe place

[07:57:11] Henry: come do it, b-tch

[07:58:26] dd2: i dont have to move got plenty of men in your area who know you they get a good chuckle

[07:59:18] Henry: now I know you are a liar and a coward

[07:59:24] notdeadyetwe should be allies, not enemies! the laughter of the enemy shall be the only reward, if we quarrel…

[07:59:34] Rick Bonner: Hank. Wise up, man. Who are your, and our, opponents…, really. If you’re too stupid to know who your enemies and friends are…, go pound salt up your ass.

[08:00:52] Henry: ‹@Rick Bonner› you come do the pounding, you squirrely little b-tch

[08:02:00] dd2: it wont grow up thinks its big time wiht a mouth on the air not out in the gutters removing parasites just talk dont play with it

[08:02:06] Henry: mind you boys, I don’t hide behind a moniker, and neither do any of my people

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, and death to the Masonic dirty church cabal and all that adhere to it, we the free American nationals for the united States of the Americas and our Bill of Rights will prevail.

27 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Spike Timmons attacked in death

        1. after assaulting that young girl , he should have had his teeth surgically removed from his ass

          you’d think that after that assault charge and all he had to deal with there, that he would have figured out that backing yer ass into a corner not only makes you look foolish , but its a good way to make enemies you dont even know about

  1. Yep, the kiddies online love to shoot off their mouths behind the protection of a computer screen. I guarantee you, those spineless cowards would soil their panties if they had to face you in person! No theocracy will ever override the people’s Bill of Rights!

  2. These people (I don’t know any of them) have to learn that restoration of the Bill of Rights is the goal, or they’re the enemy, too.

    the Bill of Rights allows for everyone to practice their religion, without imposing it on others, and if they’re not happy with that, they’re not acting in the best interest of this country, or its people.

    Everybody’s angry, but we have to remember to vent that anger in the right direction. No one should speak badly about the deceased.

    1. My first reaction was anger.
      Now a bit calmer after thinking on it all.
      Here are some of my thoughts.

      How is it that so many do not see our ‘Bill of Rights’ was Divinely Inspired?

      Any man that purports anything other than that document as the way to be free to live as Man was intended is part of the deception that has ruled over us all for thousands upon thousands of years. Those that desire for a theocracy in essence want power over others and that is an undermining of the Divine Plan.

      The authors of that great document knew what Man was up against.

      Those that spoke such hateful words towards Henry and Spike… are a sad being to allow your soul to be touched by evil…..there are many still grieving for Spike and you do no service to your cause but in fact diminish it.

      Spike lives in the hearts of those that love him…he is safe there.

      To you Henry and all that live in Truth, may God’s Love be with you.

      1. Exactly!

        Jesus, Matthew 20:25: “…the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” <– This is one of the reasons that in America the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution basically are the governments, while it is the people who SERVE within those governments that carry out the duties put into writing within the Constitutions.

        Patrick Henry: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

  3. Thank you Henry, Miner called the sheriff out (i,e, I’ll kill them all) and the sheriff did just that he came out, but Miner being a big mouth on Marks show turned to be a pussy and backed down…

  4. Jeez, Henry, this is like a frikkin’ showdown. The level of immaturity they’re manifesting is jaw-dropping, like 7th graders. These are not the types who will stand with us but will retreat to corners, whimpering. I’m sorry you had to endure the slime that was tossed. They’ve know idea whom they are attacking. An attack on you is an attack on ALL TRENCHERS, who risk so much and stand tirelessly in working for truth and preparing for justice.

    And Sunfire is right:

    “No theocracy will ever override the people’s Bill of Rights!”


    We are the guardians of those rights – FOREVER!! Thank you, Henry, for continuously clarifying the mission.


  5. Bitch Miner beat a child and put the child’s hands in hot gravy. This freak needs sent to badboy prison and dealt with accordingly.

  6. When are people going to stop defending and supporting the Koernkes and Joe McSteal?

    Mark talks day after day about what ALL he buys in the run of week and then has nerve to ask for donations to keep LTR going? It’s really so that his half-wit son can sit on his a$$ and not work. And McSteal is no different than Mark. I heard mention somewhere that McSteal and a biz partner (prob Mark) were looking to buy land in Idaho somewhere for a commune type thing or some such. Yet every month, to hear him tell it, he barely has the money to keep TME on the net? Think about it. Where do you think Mark comes up with all the money to be buying PALLETS and PALLETS of sh!t from Uncle Sam’s Retail outlet and places like that?

    When are you people going to wake up? They are living a damned easy life all on your dime…and what do you really get in return?

    1. The issue is not what anyone is making or how they are making it. The issue is what are we fighting for. If Alex Jones’ million dollar effort was in the name of the Bill of Rights, what could be accomplished?
      It is my solemn belief the only way that all the people could be brought together is under the Bill of Rights. My torment is in my inability to able to understand why anyone would want anything else. No one will argue against it, as any argument would have to be self diminishing and easily proven to be so. I swear, all I want is to understand these people’s thinking and for them to understand is that their thinking is their thinking and my thinking is my thinking and we each have the right to think as we please and that we have the ultimate solution for living among one another as individuals in a civilized society. What we are doing is granting one another our freedom and so long as we are not infringing on one another’s rights, that freedom is limitless.
      It is my right to make a mistake if that mistake affects only me. It is called individuality. I don’t see it as such an impossible concept.
      Bottom line, the Bill of Rights is equal rights to live our lives as we see fit and be left alone. I would be happy and all the more happy if all those around me were happy, but I cannot presume to define another person’s happiness. And whether their happiness is happiness to me, I want them to have their happiness, as it makes me happy to see them happy, is their happiness is not affecting my right to be happy too.
      But what if another person’s happiness is controlling another person and to be worshiped as a better? This is where the problem comes in and the solution is the Bill of Rights, which protects our individual conception of happiness, as long as I’m violating no other’s rights in the exercise thereof.
      I would see our people united, but not as a compromise of the 1st Article. I will think whatever I want to think. No one will dictate my thoughts or beliefs.

      1. I understand and fully agree with what you are saying Henry. My point is, how many times are we going to have to have this discussion about them and their religion?
        I remember back when you split from LTR…at that time, you called Mark out for him to say that we were fighting this for the BoR and only the BoR. I also remember what Mark said in response…”How many times do I have to say this?”…but then he went off on a tangent WITHOUT ANSWERING and I’m SURE that was on purpose..

        I’ve heard Mark say a lot and I’ve heard him outright lie more than once but, the one thing I’ve NEVER heard him say is that this about the Bill of Rights and that the BoR is ABOVE ALL ELSE including his book of Mormon. I’ve never heard that. So, I keep wondering why everyone puts him up on a pedestal like he is the super-hero of the patriot movement.

        And I also agree with your statement about 50 cal Al. I wish we had those resources. But after listening to Mark talk about buying gear and guns and ammo day after day after day for sooooo many years now and then I heard about McSteal and the land deal…well, that also makes me wonder what kind of resources do they have that *could* be used but are not.

        $6000 for shortwave radio access? Are you kidding me? To reach whom?
        I live in an urban area and in 21 years here, I have seen four ham radio antennas over houses or on vehicles. No one uses that. Not enough to justify that expense. Ask driver Mark about CB. No one uses that either. Hell I can’t even get a radio check on CB anymore cause no one has it.

        Like Janet said, All Mark accomplishes is to get people running around in circles. Oh! and to send him money…

        1. I know there are some of you out there who are on a crusade to destroy Mark Koernke. You are not going to do that here.
          What has Mark Koernke done? He has built armies that will fight in this war.
          It is the Bill of Rights and only the Bill of Rights, and in the end, no matter who brought the people together, if they understand the Bill of Rights, the Bill of Rights will prevail.
          I think if you want to call Mark a liar, you should do that to his face.
          Mark has also educated millions of people, and as far as his religious leaning, they are irrelevant if my Bill of Rights are in place.
          I did not work the endless hours I have worked to build these Trenches to destroy Mark Koernke. We will push the truth of the Bill of Rights and the common law and any adversary from any corner that challenges that position will be confronted.
          The original essence of the piece that you are commenting on is about a point of disrespect directed at Spike Timmons after his death.
          Spike was a true patriot, and though he is dead, the cause that he had become a part of will carry on to the eventual victory, and this is what will give the rest of us courage in knowing that if we fall, the fight will continue.
          Now you guys are going to cut this shit out or I’m going to get shitty about it.
          As for David, he touted his belief in anarchy, which we showed to be defined as communism, and he stated that he didn’t really know a lot about the Bill of Rights, yet you guys want to attack Mark.
          Well anyway, it just isn’t going to happen, at least not in the Trenches.

    2. I find this whole business very interesting as my son, David, was attacked by you, Henry, for pointing out that Mark’s mother and most likely father were Masons, as per his mother’s obit. Not a big deal if Mark had disclosed this, but he did not. David also pointed out the stupidity of the “ruby red blood crystals” and was attacked for that as well. Mark keeps people stocking up their basements and garages and going in circles. I wonder how a know felon is allowed to own weapons. He admits to having been in Army Intelligence. Has he left? Cult of personality if you ask me.

      1. Ms. Rock, as I told David, for those of us who pay attention, there is a LOT about Mark that either can’t be verified or just plain doesn’t add up.

  7. I got ‘talked to’ for bad mouthing mark, ed and don once. Then like 6months later the trenches split from them. That made me happy.
    Hucksters and wanna B’s.
    Never had a problem with spike or his radio show. Couldn’t figure out why he maintained a relationship with them but I never bad mouthed that decision.

    These people are self righteous judo cristers who cant see the forest for the trees. Their god probably answers to Baal.
    Chances are in the end their “own” will shoot them in the back and take their ill begotten horde.

    I may be wrong. But i doubt it matters much.

    Give em hell Henry.

  8. “[07:40:50] dd2: the little gurl crys my kids like me hahaha all programed bob didnt start out knowing the oder kids went throw the programing shcools shots taht oldest is a messed up freak”

    wow… this @ssclown is obviously SERIOUSLY RETARDED.

    Terminal stupidity doesn’t even come close to describing THIS sleazy maggot faggot.


    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  9. Uh….I’m a little slow…

    But I’m going to interpret. ..

    Due to my acute observation and rapist wit.

    That hatr doesn’t like bob.

  10. Me don’t like Bob either. Used to listen to TME when better half was alive but didn’t care for it. Hubby died 3yr ago and that ended my time with them. Always crying for more money!!

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