1. Listen up, woman beater, those blackwater private thugs have no jurisdiction over any American national in their capacity as corporate thugs.
      You are obviously a cop ass sucking piece of dog shit and a traitor to the ratified law of December 15, 1791, that would be the Bill of Rights to you, you f-king moron.
      I watched the video and I watched these private thugs violate the entirety of the law that belongs to we the people.
      You are a sick son of a bitch and you are f-king retarded and I hope something worse happens to you.
      When we take this country back and lay down our ratified law, you are going to find yourself in a common law court trying to explain why you supported blatant treason and sedition.
      I know your name isn’t Dave Thick, but f-kers like you had better remember that everything on the internet is recorded. No one can hide and every son of a bitch like you that has supported tyranny is going to be tracked down, charged in the common law, and you can give your smart ass f-king remark to the jury, which will not be hand picked by the masonic lodge, but will consist of people just like that girl those f-kers beat on. In the end there will be justice for every f-king one of you.

      1. Agreed Henry! I simply do not understand how anyone can support the criminal cops at this stage of their treason.

    2. Sad . Thx for sharing. That’s a sick town with color of law criminals. As is the government. We have severe problems.

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