10 thoughts on “Trump Protester Tells CNN There Will Be Casualties and People Must Die

  1. She’s right and hopefully she’s on the right side of the fight, this side of the Bill of Rights.

    Too bad this protester looks and sounds like she could have come from Mexico.

  2. I agree with the fat wetback. People have to die, and hopefully she’ll be one of the first to go.

    I hope she wasn’t trying to scare us, because too many people are looking forward to shooting her fat ass out of this country.

  3. For those of us who’ve been pushed aside to make room for their sorry carcasses in the job market, housing, education, it is a burden that can NO LONGER be born. To push this filth out of this country is a NEEDFUL THING!!!! Oh yes!! There will be casualties. As for those like me becoming a casualty? That is a very argent unrealistic assumption. Test that assumption at your own peril.

  4. All I gotta say is that if society breaks down and people start getting hungry and become cannibals.
    That girl is on the menu.

  5. The central planners will have their way. As in Libya, Ukraine, Egypt and Syria, they have created the necessary tension between side A and side B for civil war. It won’t start with the “right”, it will start with these deluded, self centered SJW spoiled brats. The CIA “rebels”. It will happen.

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