Trump riles up conservative crowd over illegal immigration, sanctuary cities

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Kicking off a busy week of campaigning, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump Monday got a sizeable crowd at Dallas’ American Airlines Center riled up over hot-button issues that he says anger conservative voters.

Trump received the most applause for his position on illegal immigration, which many voters in the crowd say the federal government is handling poorly. “It’s a massive problem we have to stop illegal immigration,” he explained. “It’s disgusting what is happening to our country, we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world.”  

The crowd erupted when Trump went on the attack over sanctuary cities, in particular, the murder of Kate Steinle allegedly by an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez. “Kate in San Francisco – this magnificent young woman shot in the back by a guy that was sent over here, probably pushed over, who knows but it was an illegal immigrant came over went to San Francisco – we have to end this sanctuary cities.”

Trump told the crowd that a wall would go a long way to contain illegal immigration. “We have to build a wall folks, and a wall works … we are going to have a great border, they are all over the place, we want people to be in our country legally.”

One voter in the crowd, who went by “John” explained to that his family’s concerns over U.S. immigration policy is a main reason he’s rallying behind Trump.

Trump also went on the attack over American companies like Ford Motor Company opening up operations in Mexico. The U.S. car manufacturer announced earlier this year they would spend $2.5 billion on new engine and transmission plants in Mexico.

“A Ford plant is being built in Mexico for cars and trucks and everything and it’s actually not a bad idea, and they will save a fortune,” he explained.

If elected, Trump explained, he would impose a high tax on those imported cars. Thus, he says, “I would get a call from the head of Ford and I guarantee you after I tell them all no, they will call up and decide to move their plant back to the United States.”

2 thoughts on “Trump riles up conservative crowd over illegal immigration, sanctuary cities

  1. You know, I had this slightly, non-intelligent, 50 year old, black customer at work today who came up to me and asked, “Man, have you been watching Trump? He’s been speakin’ out the truth about everything. That Obama just lies and lies but not Trump. He’s gonna be our next president, I tell ya. They’re definitely gonna elect him. What do you think?”

    I just looked at him and said, “Well, presidents are ‘selected’ not ‘elected’ and after the last presidential election being rigged and all, especially the RNC and the Democratic Conventions, I don’t know why people think they can still vote or would even want to vote.”

    He just shook his head and said, “Man, but this time it’s going to be different, I tell ya.”

    I just thought to myself, “Another sheeple. So sad” and then told him, “I don’t know. Since the voting is rigged, there’s really no point so I don’t really care, I guess.” and with that he just shrugged and walked away.

    I still don’t understand how stupid people can be. You’re typical sheeple who is convinced that things will always be different the next time or will keep continuing the same process and expect different results. I just don’t get it. It ain’t rocket science.

  2. Good point. Trump should be talking about vote-fraud and fixed electronic voting machines now, if he is serious about getting elected by the people.

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