Trump Slams Protesting “Elevator Screamers”: ‘They’re Paid For By Soros’

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Thousands of demonstrators, including celebrity “feminists” like Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski, descended on Capitol Hill Thursday to protest Trump SCOTUS pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh after the FBI once again found no evidence of sexual misconduct in the SCOTUS nominee’s past. Their concerns were promptly ignored by the Senate, which is planning to hold a confirmation vote for Kavanaugh as soon as tomorrow. But in response to the revelation that several of the professional activists, including the two young women who accosted Senator Jeff Flake last week, were exposed as “employees” of a non-profit organization funded by George Soros, President Trump has weighed in on Twitter, blasting the “elevator screamers” in a tweet that was essentially red meat for his base. 

Trump slammed the “very rude elevator screamers”, accusing them of being “paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad” before warning the American people “Don’t fall for it!” As evidence of the coordination behind the supposedly grass roots protest, Trump pointed to the signs carried by demonstrators and their suspiciously polished appearance “Look at the professionally made identical signs,” Trump said. “Paid for by Soros and others.’

“They are not signs that were made in a basement with love!” the president said, concluding the tweet with the hashtag ‘#Troublemakers’.

Trump isn’t the first Republican to criticize activists for their ties to Soros: Earlier this week, Louisiana Senator David Perdue pushed back against two activists who had confronted he and his wife at an airport, pointing out that they were employees of the Center for Popular Democracy – the same group that employed the two women who famously confronted Flake in the Senate elevator – which is financed by Soros’ Open Society foundation.


For decades, Soros has financed groups to spread his liberal political ideology across the West. But it’s Russia and China that have been accused of “election tampering.”


2 thoughts on “Trump Slams Protesting “Elevator Screamers”: ‘They’re Paid For By Soros’

  1. Posted this to again demonstrate the circus and that would be that Trump has had ties to Soros as well as Kushner has ties to Soros.

    Just a big game!

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