Trump Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Murder Members Of Congress

Published on Jun 7, 2019

A hardcore Trump supporter from Utah has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill members of Congress. According to the complaint, the man actually called up one unnamed member of Congress to threaten them personally, saying that he was right behind them and was about to pull the trigger. These are the kinds of people that Trump stirs up and he absolutely knows it. In fact, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains, that’s actually Trump’s goal.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Murder Members Of Congress

  1. eff the threats….if you are going to do something just do it…..not that I’m encouraging assassinations 🙂 did you ever notice there are two asses in that word?

  2. Can’t stand how this was presented: upholding the partisan paradigm. And how dare he say Antifa are only “a couple of people who like to yell things on the street.” Did he not see all the aggressive attacks they did in Portland and Seattle in the last few years? Starting with Black Lives Matter, the so-called “left” is being encouraged to be violent. But a few months ago there was a shift, from street aggression to representative aggression with many Reps making brash statements against American Nationals. Both the street thugs and the Reps are intending to squash our rights, both are communist. And “the right” is another form of communism, the global-corporate variety. So sick of the game.


  3. “A hardcore Trump supporter from Utah…”


    Probably a hardcore fag Mormon as well, then.

    No name mentioned… possible last ending in stein?

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