Tucker Carlson Was Reportedly Friends With Hunter Biden, Intervened in Media Report on His Behalf


The Fox News host covered damning stories about Hunter Biden in light of revelations of the contents of the laptop that purportedly belonged to him. However, at a certain point in October 2020, Carlson stated that he would not to take part in “piling on” Hunter, who was already “down, humiliated and alone”.

A new batch of emails extracted from the laptop, which was reportedly owned by Hunter Biden, suggests that the US president’s son used to be close friends with Fox News host Tucker Carlson at least until 2015, the Daily Mail has reported.

One of the emails namely suggests that Hunter Biden wrote a recommendation for Carlson’s son, Buckley, for Georgetown University in 2014. Georgetown University is Hunter’s alma mater.
“Hunter! I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Buckley’s behalf. So nice of you. I know it’ll help. Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon”, Carlson allegedly wrote in 2014 to Hunter Biden.

Buckley, however, ended up graduating from the University of Virginia. Carlson refused to comment on the claim.

Carlson’s Help in Ashley Madison Affair

The Fox News host also lent a helping hand to Hunter Biden in 2015, the extracted emails suggest. The POTUS’ son asked him to call in the aftermath of a scandalous report about him using the services of a website for those seeking extramarital affairs – “Ashley Madison”. The bombshell piece, published by the Daily Mail, was based on a massive leak of user data featuring their alleged addresses, credit card info, and names.

The emails from the laptop suggest that upon learning of the scandal and the fact that a Daily Mail reporter had confronted Hunter’s daughter Finnegan, 16 years old at the time, Tucker Carlson intervened, condemning the actions of the media outlet.

“Just lost my sh*t on the editor over there. He claims the London office forced him to do it. He’s a pig either way, and I told him so. This whole thing is disgusting and awful and it breaks my heart that you all have to go through it. I’m really sorry. Let me know if there’s anything [my wife] Susie and I can do to help”, Carlson reportedly wrote to Hunter. The latter, in turn, allegedly apologised for putting the Fox anchor in a “difficult position”.

Carlson himself confirmed confronting the Daily Mail’s editor in Washington on the matter and said he that maintained his position on the journalist being “a pig” for doing what he did. He added that his position on the matter did not depend on whether it concerned Hunter Biden or anyone else.

Other emails extracted from the laptop, which allegedly belonged to the POTUS’ son but was abandoned in a Delaware repair shop, also strongly suggest friendly relations between the two.

In an online conversation with his acquaintance, Edward Prewitt, a wealth manager at Wells Fargo bank, Hunter Biden reportedly said in 2012 that his then-wife Kathleen was “good friends” with Carlson’s spouse Susie. He also allegedly called Tucker Carlson “a nice guy that I completely disagree with on everything”. The Carlsons were also on several guest lists, including for events organised by Hunter Biden, reportedly found in the laptop’s correspondence.

Surprising Friendship

The revelation comes as a surprise, as Carlson repeatedly scolded Hunter’s father, US President Joe Biden, on his TV programme for his performance as president. The Fox News anchor also covered bombshell stories about Hunter himself stemming from the laptop-related revelations.

Reports about the then-presidential candidate’s son included photos of him taking drugs, having sex with unidentified women, as well as a trove of emails that partly revealed shady business schemes involving partners in Ukraine and China – some of which allegedly involved his father.
Carlson, however, said at one point in October 2020 that he would ease his reporting on the Hunter-related scandals. He hinted back then at being acquainted with Hunter Biden and suggested that the man did not deserve being ganged up on so much.
“I never thought Hunter Biden was a bad person. I thought he had demons but in the time I knew him he kept them mostly under control. At some point, he lost control of those demons and the world knows that now. He’s now humiliated and alone. Probably too strong to say we feel sorry for Hunter Biden, but the point is pounding on a man, jumping on, and piling on when he’s already down is something we don’t want to be involved in”, Carlson said.

The Fox News host did not stop criticising the performance of Hunter Biden’s father, however, regularly discussing more shortcomings of the current administration and POTUS himself.


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  1. This could also explain why on the night of Nov. 3 (s)election night, Carlson insisted Arizona “flipped blue” even though less than 50 percent of the vote was counted. And I thought it was just Carlson doing what he was told…. Carlson wanted Biden all along, which is maybe another reason FOX never fired the guy. Now maybe the Trumptards will stop listening to Carlson as if he’s some kind of “patriot”….

  2. Tucker would hold Biden’s water still to this day , and anyone would be a fool to think otherwise

    “Tucker WAS ….
    No no no
    Tucker IS and always will be Hunters “friend”

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