14 thoughts on “Tuckerman, AR. – 31 degrees. Nice

    1. 51 now, 61 high today.

      Had about a week or so down in the 20s in the mornings, but the last week & a half have been fairly mild for Nov., so far. Lows in the 40s… I could do that all winter.

    2. Along I-20? I do prefer cold to hot, but I don’t think I could live in Iowa. And speaking of Houston…I lived there 6 months in 1975 and one night in November it went from 80 degrees in the day to 20 degrees about 12 hours later! (So cold I couldn’t even start my car…I worked the night shift, EKG tech, at a hospital there) It’s even more extreme in far west Texas!

        1. Drove through Little Rock back in 1976…got tired of Houston, so I returned to NY, Long Island. In January, 1976…what a trip that was…with my puppy dog. Had plants in the back of car…they died, froze.

    3. Damn cold in Iowa is right. -6 in Dubuque yesterday. I live in Eastern Iowa and we already had almost a foot of snow. 6 inches of it in October. It’s going to be a fun winter.
      Drive safe out there and keep ‘er between the lines

      1. You bet thx. I was in Dubuque last week on a different Houston run. Picked up at your local cold storage. Americold I think.

  1. I don’t understand..! Wow, 38,000, So, do they all just hobble around in the pen afterwards? well, I guess at least no need chase them…! 🙂

    1. You should see them in the live stock trucks, all wondering what’s about to happen, their feet to Houston, ribs to China, butts to Calif. 🙂 you can hear them screamin at the fuel stops. They know…

  2. How many foot trailer is that thang? I thunk it was only 53′, now with them pigs, it’s thousands of feet! 😉

  3. But but but … what about Glow Bull Warming?

    Froze my ass off
    0 degrees when I got up
    7 degrees when I got in the truck
    10 degrees when I got to work
    Got to 26
    I don’t even want to discuss windchills

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