Two truckers killed, one injured in West Texas shooting spree


Three truck drivers were among the victims of a mass shooting in West Texas on Saturday, Aug. 31, in which a truck driver who had reportedly been fired killed seven people and injured 22 others.

Two truckers were killed and another was injured in a shooting spree by Seth Aaron Ator, 36, who was reportedly fired from his oil field service trucking job hours before the shooting in Odessa and Midland, Texas. Ator was killed by police after the two-hour shooting spree. 

One of those killed was 56-year-old trucker Rodolfo Arco, who had moved to Odessa from Las Vegas a year ago, according to USA Today. He owned a trucking company in Odessa. According to the report, he was driving home from work when three bullets were fired at his truck. Two went through the cab, and one came through the window and killed him instantly.

Another trucker killed in the shooting was 35-year-old Raul Garcia, a father of four from El Paso. In a TV interview, Perla Garcia, the trucker’s wife, said, “Just like my son said, ‘Mom, now he’ll be a truck driver in heaven.’”

Trucker Efe Obayagbona, of Austin, Texas, was wounded while in his semi on his work route on I-20 in between Midland and Odessa, according to CBS Austin. The report states he was shot in his right wrist, his left arm, his chest and lungs.

State police stopped Ator for a traffic violation on Interstate 20, but he reportedly shot at them with a rifle before speeding off. He then shot randomly at other motorists and passersby. He went on to hijack a mail truck and kill the driver, 29-year-old Mary Granados. Police eventually cornered him at a cinema parking lot. Ator died in an exchange of gunfire with police.


6 thoughts on “Two truckers killed, one injured in West Texas shooting spree

  1. He was fired by a Mexican company owner who didnt like Americans, a little more to this story than meets the eye, he took out a couple of the other Mexican employees on his way out. Too me, that makes him a hero..

    What the hell is a Mexican company owner doing in West Texas in the first goddamned place?

    Your going to hear about this kind of thing more as the Joo commie takes hold. You dont hire Americans, fire them, then replace them with wet backs.

    1. We will never know what really happened here, black water makes sure of it. I’m just surmising, big time. Americans have had it with the bullshit, Texas has turned into a Mexican taco, burrito and Chile relleno fest.

      1. The beauty of a town this small is that illegals stick out like a sore thumb here.

        It’s virtually ALL white… AND EVERYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!!

  2. Supposedly a friend of mine had a friend of hers injured during this event. I don’t know if this is your typical false flag mass shooting or not (and what Mark said makes sense–the Permian Basin area is changing rapidly and not for the better, something me and mine can attest to). But I am absolutely sure many of the facts surrounding this event are not being reported.

    One thing is for sure though–just how can this Ator guy drive like hell through Midland-Odessa area, loaded with traffic and red lights everywhere–and shoot the gun he shot using at the same time? I’m thinking either he drove the mail truck or whatever and someone else did the shooting, or “shooter #2” drove the vehilce and Ator did the shooting. Ten years ago driving through Midland-Odessa was a near nightmare…it’s a whole lot worse now! So how is this possible? False flag or not, they are withholding a lot of info.

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