Two U.S. Marines say they will not kick in doors of Americans, will uphold oaths, say others in Corps will do the same


Two U.S. Marines, Kevin, 22, and Coltin, 19, say that they and others in the U.S. Marine Corps will not follow unlawful orders if given by their superiors and will uphold their oath to the Constitution at all costs.

The two brave young men went on camera recently to share what they would do if given such orders.  

“I would fight my brothers-in-arms at that point because that’s an unconstitutional order,” Kevin explained.

Coltin said, “At that point I would give up what means most to me. I would give in my uniform and tear the eagle and anchor off of it. It’s not worth it. It’s my family I would be fighting against because that’s the way I was raised.”

Coltin said he knows Marines do in fact train to kick in doors to better prepare for conflict overseas in the “Middle East,” but hopes it won’t happen here in America.

When the two were asked if they knew that America was afraid of them [the military] the two responded, ‘Yes I do.’

Kevin said, “If you guys don’t know about the Oathkeepers look them up.”

“There is enough of us willing to uphold their oaths and we will fight.”

“The actual government is listing us as terrorists, members of the Oathkeepers, but we’re not. We are just a bunch of military, police, fire department, first responders, that are actual going to uphold their oaths. And that means fighting back against enemies foreign and domestic. And right now it’s looking like it’s going to be domestic,” Kevin continued.

The two marines say they are aware of Jade Helm.

14 thoughts on “Two U.S. Marines say they will not kick in doors of Americans, will uphold oaths, say others in Corps will do the same

  1. Fkng Outstanding!!!!
    Now that’s a fkng Marine.
    Not a FOREIGNER in Marine combat gear.
    I think we have a couple of sorts that give that other sort a bad name.
    Semper Fi B!tches

    1. There next mission will be in Afghanistan where they will meet their demise from friendly fire.These Men are dangerous to the kabal. May God watch over them and unlock the gates at Leavenworth.

  2. Well that’s what they’re saying on camera, and it’s good to hear, but you should still be ready to blow their heads off, just in case they’re not being entirely honest here (and these guys don’t represent the entire military).

    1. Two or three years ago a formal study was initiated by the military and DoD to ascertain the probability of loyalties within the military in the event of Martial Law – Civil War or Revolution. One of the Generals who presided over that official study has come forward to declare what the results and fndings were from their very intensive study of this concern.

      Those who would support the government – G
      Those who would support the people and country – P

      Army: 50%G – 50%P
      Air Force 90%G – 10%P
      Navy 10%G – 90%P
      Marines 10% or less G – 90% or more P

      1. Russian and Chinese troops are in the wings waiting for the command. They have been promised that the guns will all be confiscated so they will have an easy job of it We know the government has been well aware of the problem of compliance that is why most of our own are overseas.

  3. I think when push comes to shove, most, not all, but most, Marines and regular army/navy troops WILL NOT FIRE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (but then again, some will because they are mercs at heart). Which is why the govt. is bringing in MS-13 and other gangsters.

    Yes, some will fire on us, but look at the example of Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution (I mean the February Revolution that overthrew the Czar). In St. Petersburg in February 1917 officers orders soldiers to fire on protesting workers outside the Winter Palace, and they refused!

    So either the govt. which is cheating veterans left and right on things like VA care and other benefits is going to have to hire mercs at top dollar which they can’t afford, or hire gangsters from Latin America, or call in foreign troops from countries the US has destroyed and therefore hate Americans enough to shoot us. These foreigners of course will run and hide when we shoot back. So that’s just another reason to take our guns…and if that happens, they won’t have time to call in the foreigners (some are already here of course…but the govt. won’t have enough…)

  4. Two out of the entire marine corp… Ok, so two claim and the rest are silent.

    Just remember this before you think they will not fire on us:
    “He who pays the piper picks the tune.”

    The proof is in the pudding and until it all goes down they are an enemy army of occupation till they act otherwise when the bullets let fly.

  5. And what are these beginners rank?

    please notice the age of these new members of the elites cannon fodder group , what? did you think this was just for the College education?

    poor suckers, you bought the lie, hook line and sinker, didnt you?

  6. “Two U.S. Marines say they will…uphold oaths, say others in Corps will do the same”

    Uh huh. And the army’s delta force didn’t attack the Koresh compound at Waco; or set fire to the compound; or murder the women, babies, and children sheltering in the compound’s bunker with lethal tear gas and incendiaries; or shoot many of the men to death in the compound; or bust up and set fire to the building. And the FBI didn’t cover it up, either. Intelliflub.

  7. These two guys might be the real deal. Time will tell. At least they seem to understand that keeping their oath means more than merely refusing to take up arms against Americans; it also means taking up arms against anyone in the military or police who is trying to forcibly violate the constitutional rights of Americans.

    Most in the military will not keep their oath. History shows that they’ll follow whatever orders they’re given — at least until it begins to look like the sitting government is in danger of collapse. The same is true of the pigs: they’ll take the path of least resistance.

  8. If any “oath keeper” we’re serious about their oath, they would have already found another profession. Outside of fire dept and medical staff, these occupations are immoral by their very nature. These are standing armies and domestic thugs who serve corporations not the people. That fact alone proves where their loyalties lies. Everything else is lip service. It is not likely that a soldier is willing to murder people in foreign lands for fat cats profit and not be willing to murder people in the home land. Murder is murder.

  9. These people will eventually have to make a choice.
    Do I fire on my own family ?
    Shoot Uncle niece ,brother, father, mother, son, daughter.
    Watch them cuffed and hauled away.
    That’s why all the foreigners and mercs are here.
    They have no loyalty or allegiance to us.
    But people born here and in the military are gonna have a hard time killing their own family.
    And when they are standing there trying to make that decision.
    I’ll be standing there behind them with a bullet from God hoping they make the right decision.
    It’s the foreign speaking black ops mercs and foreigners in the US wearing American flags on their uniforms that will have to be put down.

    1. A foreign army will never last long if they are not supplied by a foreign supply chain. And, even then, they would have to control the borders, docks and skies. The most likely delivery method would be drops because of the difficulty for us to maintain dominance in the air. So we set choke points at the docks and borders we can eventually starve them out.

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