U.S. has Al Qaeda on the Ropes?

Obama advisers are saying Al Qaeda is on the ropes and that a six month intensified campaign could very well deliver a knockout blow.  Could this hype be designed to bolster the position of the industrial war complex in the debt negotiations?  The very thought that Al Qaeda is “on the ropes” is ludicrous.  How can they be when the United States is sending billions to Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Egypt to prop up and strengthen Al Qaeda?

Fifteen of our service members were killed in Iraq last month, marking a resurgence of violence in that country.  And I think we are going to see escalations in every country wherein we are currently engaged in war as an increase in fighting is the surest way to make the arguments necessary to stop any cuts in defense spending.

The U.S defense budget is $800 billion a year.   The country that comes in second is China, whose defense budget is $114 billion.  So the United States spends $686 billion more.  China is seeing the largest growth in its middle class and economy of any nation on the planet.

The U.S. is providing subsidies in defense for 139 countries around the world as our economy crashes and our people are losing everything they have.  Anyone who thinks the industrial war complex is not dictating its contracts to our government is a fool.

We have already surpassed a billion dollars spent in Libya securing that country’s gold and oil for Israel and England, and there are rumors stirring of an Israeli war on Iran this fall in which U.S. service members will ultimately do the bulk of the fighting.

Our country is being liquidated to the benefit of the international elites.

Our military is committing international genocide as a private corporate army financed by the people of the United States.  The murder and mayhem being meted out to peoples around the world has our name all over it.

We the American citizens are now indentured to the international elite to use as they see fit for their own end goals and this is all occurring with our consent, as we are failing to control our government.  Mark my words; history is going to judge our people harshly.

God save us from ourselves.

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