U.S. Military Moves To Russian Borders For First Time Ever

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[In the “frontline’ states of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. And also in Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Norway and Ukraine.]

United States European Command
March 10, 2015  

RIGA, Latvia: Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division offload an M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank from the transportation vessel “Liberty Promise” March 9 at the Riga Universal Terminal docks. More than 100 pieces of equipment, including the tanks, M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and assorted military cargo, will move on to sites in other areas of Latvia as well as Estonia and Lithuania in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

Approximately 750 U.S. Army and military vehicles and equipment, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery pieces and helicopters from the 3rd Infantry Division arrived in Riga, Latvia, on Monday by ship to support Operation Atlantic Resolve and planned Army-Europe multinational training exercises in that region. This equipment will be used for training of NATO allies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

First Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Rock of the Marne, is assuming responsibility as the land-force training mission from Army-Europe’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment, who will depart in March. First Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, is based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, and they are the Army’s current regionally aligned force for Europe. They will follow in on their equipment beginning next week, and are expected to remain in the region for approximately 90 days.


7 thoughts on “U.S. Military Moves To Russian Borders For First Time Ever

  1. “This equipment will be used for training of NATO allies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.”
    Sure…..when pigs fly. More of our kids to the slaughter. Where are the jew troops, it’s their government who wants to war.

    1. Exactly! Where are the Jew troops? Why don’t they go to war? Where’s Israel? Watching at the sidelines as always? Sick demonic bastards!

      1. Chattel to the slaughter. Glad the recruiters stopping calling my house for my daughters. Saves me some angry breath…

  2. What would we do if Cuba, Mexico and Canada had Russian troops and equipment moving in???

  3. It ain’t the first time armies have been foolish enough to invade Russia. We certainly have the fools to try it. Too bad its nuclear and in the name of security and freedom. Too bad a little knowledge couldn’t save the world before a lot of ignorance and fear destroys it.

    1. A little knowledge could save the world.

      Granted it will be over-ridden by the Banksters and their minions as usual.

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