UN Gun Grab on Pace for March

The New American – by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

In just two months the globalists of the UN will gather in New York City to put the final touches on plans to impose strict regulations worldwide on the right of the individual to buy, sell, trade, or own guns and ammunition.

On March 18, 2013 in New York City the next round of negotiations is scheduled to begin, with one aim in mind: eradicate private gun ownership.

On Christmas Eve, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution to renew negotiations on the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

The measure was approved by a vote of 133-0, with 17 countries abstaining.

As reported by Reuters, the foreign ministers of Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Kenya, and the United Kingdom — the countries that drafted the resolution — released a joint statement praising the passage of the resolution to move ahead on the global gun ban.

“This was a clear sign that the vast majority of U.N. member states support a strong, balanced and effective treaty, which would set the highest possible common global standards for the international transfer of conventional arms,” the foreign ministers said in their statement.

As The New American has reported, when the treaty was being deliberated in July, the United States was the only obstacle preventing the global arms control regulations from being imposed on the world.

Miraculously, however, all the points of the agreement Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found so distasteful in the summer were made so much more palatable after President Obama’s reelection, and every single attack on the right to bear arms remains in the version of the treaty approved on November 7.

Within hours of his securing his reelection, President Obama placed a late night call to the U.S. United Nations delegation ordering them to vote in favor of a passage of L.11.

A story in The Hill reports, however, that “The U.S. mission to the U.N. denied that the timing of the election had anything to do with the treaty’s talks being delayed.”

Regardless of the questionable timing of the Obama administration’s green light to the globalists’ gun grab, the U.S. government was now placing its full weight behind convening a “Final United Nations Conference” for the proposal of a treaty imposing worldwide gun control regulations.

In July, 51 senators sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary Clinton encouraging them “not only to uphold our country’s constitutional protections of civilian firearms ownership, but to ensure — if necessary, by breaking consensus at the July conference — that the treaty will explicitly recognize the legitimacy of lawful activities associated with firearms, including but not limited to the right of self-defense.”

The failure to pass an acceptable version of the treaty in July is in the president’s rearview mirror, however, as Reuters reports that “adoption of a strong, balanced and effective Arms Trade Treaty” could be imminent.

Reuters quotes Brian Wood of Amnesty International:

After today’s resounding vote, if the larger arms trading countries show real political will in the negotiations, we’re only months away from securing a new global deal that has the potential to stop weapons reaching those who seriously abuse human rights.

The definition of an “abuse” of “human rights” will be left up to a coterie of internationalist bureaucrats who will be neither accountable to nor elected by citizens of the United States.

With good reason, then, gun rights advocates oppose approval of this treaty.

After all, it does seem more than a little incongruous that a nation that places such a high value on gun ownership that it enshrined it in its Bill of Rights participates in an organization that opposes gun ownership so staunchly that it has an Office for Disarmament Affairs. An office, by the way, that the U.S. Deputy Director, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Steven Costner, proudly announced would be moving from Geneva to New York City.

Lest anyone believe the U.S. delegation official’s promise to Reuters that “we will not accept any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms,” consider the fact that a report issued after the conclusion of the last Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference in July listed the goal of the agreement to be UN control of the “manufacture, control, trafficking, circulation, brokering and trade, as well as tracing, finance, collection and destruction of small arms and light weapons.”

That is a very comprehensive attack on “all aspects” of gun trade and ownership. Notably, the phrase “in all aspects” occurs 38 times in the draft of the ATT. The United Nations will control the purchase of guns and ammo, the possession of guns and ammo, and any guns and ammo not willingly surrendered to the UN will be tracked, seized, and destroyed.

A question that must be considered is what the UN will consider “adequate laws.” Will the globalists at the UN consider the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms without infringement to be a sufficient control on gun ownership?

A more urgent and pertinent question is whether in the United States any laws will be passed at all.

As was witnessed on Wednesday, President Obama is prepared to accelerate the disarmament himself, if he can’t convince Congress to go along.

A story in Politico demonstrates President Obama’s infamous “We Can’t Wait” mantra in action:

“The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday, the administration’s first definitive statements about its response to last month’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

Put simply, should Congress fail to pass (to use the UN’s phrase) “adequate laws” to restrict gun ownership, President Obama will issue the flurry of fiats he announced Wednesday that will help him and his globalist cohorts accomplish that goal. That sort of autocracy instantly effects a de facto repeal of Article I (Congress is granted exclusive law-making authority) and the Second Amendment — the unqualified right to bear arms.

As this author has traveled around the country warning citizens of the UN’s efforts to seize all privately owned weapons, I have warned of the eminent enforcement of a particular provision of the Arms Trade Treaty that would target (if you will) ammunition.

The globalist bureaucrats at the UN recognize that without ammunition a gun is no more than a club, so in order to effectively disarm a population, the UN does not need to seize all the weapons; it merely has to prevent purchase of ammunition.

How does the ATT (and the Programme of Action that undergirds it) propose to enforce this anti-gun agenda?

Section III, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Programme of Action mandate that if a member state cannot get rid of privately owned small arms legislatively, then the control of “customs, police, intelligence, and arms control” will be placed under the power of a board of UN bureaucrats operating out of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.

This provision includes the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in a member state to seize and destroy “weapons stockpiles.”

Again, no definition of stockpile, but by that time it will be too late to make that argument.

In order to assist these blue-helmets and their disarmament overlords in their search and seizure of this ammunition, Section III, Paragraph 10 mandates that member states develop technology to improve the UN’s ability to detect stockpiles of ammo and arms.

This brings to mind the imminent deployment by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of portable invisible lasers developed by Genia Laboratories (a company created by CIA offshoot In-Q-Tel) that can detect even trace amounts of gunpowder from over 50 yards away. The laser reportedly can penetrate walls, glass, and metal. DHS was scheduled to take possession of the devices at the end of 2012, according to testimony presented on Capitol Hill in November 2011.

History is instructive on this point as one recalls that the “shot heard ‘round the world” on Lexington Green was fired because King George sent British troops to seize the ammunition stockpile stored outside of Lexington.

Next, the effort at eradication of private gun ownership is more insidious than it appears. On page 25 of the 1997 UN Secretary General’s Report on Criminal Justice Reform and Strengthening Legal Institutions Measure to Regulate Firearms (of which the United States was a signatory), a part of the regulations agreed to by the United States is the administering of a psychological test before a person is cleared to buy ammunition.

From the voice of the UN to the ears of Barack Obama and those of his mien.

A proposed law in New Jersey would “ensure the mental stability of anyone authorized to purchase a firearm in New Jersey.” The bill would require anyone in New Jersey who applies for a license to purchase a firearm to pass a mental health screening “administered by a medical doctor or licensed psychiatrist in New Jersey.”

Forewarned is forearmed: The final vote on the UN Arms Trade Treaty is anticipated to be held within a couple of months of the conclusion of the talks scheduled for mid-March.

Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D. is a correspondent for The New American and travels frequently nationwide speaking on topics of nullification, the NDAA, and the surveillance state. He can be reached at jwolverton@thenewamerican.com


10 thoughts on “UN Gun Grab on Pace for March

  1. With numerous Sheriffs and members of Congress saying NO to the current push on GC, Who does the Gov. think will volunteer to confiscate the Weapons and Ammo? Not enough LEO to do the job, Military , not enough… And as the push to get Americans to go against Americans. The situation will only get worse. So call on the Blue Hats…. Then things will get interesting…. We all know what a foreign Army will cause here on American Soil. Sooner or later the Bully will have to be dealt with.

  2. I”m tired of this nonsense; this endless push to disarm everyone. It’s obviously not going to stop until their heads are rolling, so I wish this would begin already so we can get it over with and go about our lives without constantly battling one Jew after another just to keep our nation and birthrights intact.

    If I survive the revolution I’m running for political office. Think Jolly Roger in ’16…. one campaign promise — I’m gonna kick every last Jew out of this country and resign.

    1. Roger That,… Jolly Roger,…

      You have my vote.

      JD – US Marines – These attacks on the US Constitution are just getting annoying now…… time to dance.

  3. This is HR 226: a proposal to amend the IRS tax code. “In the case of an individual who surrenders a specified assault weapon to the United States or a State or local government (or political subdivision thereof) as part of a Federal, State, or local public safety program to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF PRIVATELY OWNED WEAPONS, on the election of the taxpayer there shall be allowed as a credit against the tax imposed by this chapter an amount equal to $2,000.”
    And this isn’t even a resolution for gun control. Wait til the real gun-grabbers get their resolutions going!

  4. Why are people still talking about what a stupid U.N. treaty says? THE CONSTITUTION IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!! Anything passed has to be reviewed and measured up within our Constitutional guidelines and passed or it is considered null and void. It’s not rocket science, but apparently Congress, who doesn’t even show up to the reading of the Constitution, just doesn’t get it. They only get their extra money and political prestige.

    Again, we have no government. We have a foreign government. Someone needs to put in place a REAL American government to take the place of it, while we kick the foreign bastards out of Congress and the White House. It’s time to claim what’s rightfully ours!

  5. Brave words here from a few, in relation to the American citizenry being capable of somehow thwarting the UN with numbers. They’ll just gas you & blame Islam! Better get better prepared & consolidated than that, & fast! Or maybe the end of the American Empire is an inevitable karmic adjustment for the greivous atrocities it has wrought on the rest of the Peoples of the World? Saddam proposes “off-Greenback” trade OF HIS COUNTRIES OIL = DEAD! (+ >1 million Iraqi deaths) Gaddafi proposes “off-Greenback” trade OF HIS PEOPLE’S OIL = DEAD! (Libya is smashed & irradiated now). How curious that Africa has become the new front, since the U.S. has now taken its “humanitarian efforts” there.

    1. Try telling us something we don’t already know.

      We the People are NOT responsible for the overseas actions perpetrated by the communist so-called ‘government’.

      So, if that’s what you’re attempting to claim, you are an unmitigated moron.

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