Unarmed 20 Year Old Medford, OR Youth Executed by Feds – Revenge Killing?

U.S. Marshal: Victim was wanted on probation violation
January 05, 2012 8:47 PM
MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — A U.S. marshals’ spokesman says deputy marshals trying to arrest a 20-year-old man on a probation violation warrant in Medford, Ore., fatally shot the man when he used tried to use his vehicle as a weapon.

Supervisory Deputy Eric Wahlstrom said the deputies opened fire about 5:30 p.m. Thursday in a grocery store parking lot. The young man died at the scene. He was not immediately identified.

Wahlstrom says no one else was hurt.

The fugitive was on probation after serving time for assaulting a deputy marshal in October 2009 in Medford.

Medford Police and Oregon State Police are assisting in the investigation.

17 thoughts on “Unarmed 20 Year Old Medford, OR Youth Executed by Feds – Revenge Killing?

  1. I’m going to have to side with the officers on this one (based on the information given). The one witness said he tried to ram them with the truck. He could have surrendered but chose to not to.

    1. Sunfire,
      If you listen closely he backed into a pillar and that is when these psychos let loose on him. If someone opened up on you in a parking lot would you just sit there and be executed? Or would you try to get away. As for ramming the cop car, was he even looking over the dash when he was trying to get away from the hail of bullets coming at him?
      These were federal gestapo agents. There were no sheriffs or city police with them. Is this what you want? The federal police, maybe with the army rolling into your town and shooting your people without even checking in with your sheriffs’ office?
      This kid was executed because he whipped a federal deputy marshal. Is it all right with you if these federal scumbags take vengeance on the streets of your town? Admittedly this kid was involved in drugs. How many of those drugs do you suppose were brought into our country through government gun trafficking and drug dealing?
      If it weren’t for this fraudulent war on drugs, this kid would have had a drug problem and would have been in need of some kind of help getting past it, instead of getting tangled up with federal marshals and the federal system, which is deeper involved in illegal drug activities than any citizen could be.
      You still have some of your conditioning effecting your mind. Look at that kid, it could be your son or daughter. He was given the death penalty for a failure to appear and I have no doubt that he would still be alive if the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office would have procured the arrest.

      1. I am the mother of Jimmy Georgeson. i wansted to thank you for seeing what most didn’t. I also wanted to share with you, my son was convicted of federal assault but most people are not aware that on a federal lever it only has to be a dirty look. They ie: feds have removed all videos that are damaging to themselves online, however some fragments do lie around in my facebook. My son was a mistaken identity, you are welcome on my facebook to see the photos. They said in court the man they were looking for resembled my son, complete fabrication. The records show my son never had physical contact with any fed but based on his jouvenile record and brand new adult record he couldn’t win it in court, the truth also in my photos show the brutal beating and fall my son took at the hands of the feds. He was in a wheelchair for months. The fed who killed my child also shot his face off post martem, the list goes on and on. I thank you so much for standing for my child and we were a real family. I am now a walking dead person never to be the same.

  2. Henry, that is why I said “based on the information given”. I’m sure there is a lot more to this story, but just as you say “You still have some of your conditioning effecting your mind.”, that could just as much apply to you, meaning that even when something is justified or right, you’ll see it as wrong. I am more than well aware of corruption among the police, courts, and even the military. Neither of us were there, nor do we have all the information on what actually happened. Was it a revenge killing? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t but right now I am more focused on getting Ron Paul elected President so that the country at least has a fighting chance.

    1. Sunfire,
      You are right about me not breaking my conditioning. Tell me, have you ever known that the police were trying to kill you? I have, and it wasn’t because of drugs or any other crime I might have committed, but rather because I dared to go into our courts and accuse traitors of treason and present the paperwork to back the accusation.
      As for the kid who got shot, I just got through watching the evening news. It showed his mom and dad and sister and the hell they are going through. It also appears this boy was a part of a very large old family in the area.
      As for speculation, I guess I’m not the only one as a memorial was erected at the spot where he was gunned down. Above the flowers there is a banner that reads MURDERED.
      To say the kid looks sinister is just about par for the course for those who have not realized who our enemies are. I don’t know how it is where you are, but from where I live this government is 110% corrupt from the meter maid to the president.
      As for who might have gotten hurt while this boy was fleeing from gunfire, maybe the good people of Medford should have insisted that their sheriff not allow the feds to come into their town and use military tactics out in front of one of their grocery stores.
      Anyway, enough of this argument. Like you say, eggs to hatch and cats to kill and a president to elect.
      By the way, they showed some other pictures of this boy on the news. Childhood photos growing up. I hope if I am killed in such a way the newspaper can find a good sinister photo of me to put up. I’m sure they will.

        1. That video shows that this person had a criminal record with multiple offenses. Would anyone feel better if this guy had killed an officer and was in custody? I have no idea what life on the west coast is like, I’ve never been there. Do I believe the police, courts, politicians and government are all corrupt? You betcha! I also know however that there are some, no matter how few in number, that try to do the right thing. If you honestly condemn anyone and everyone in law enforcement and government, you condemn Ron Paul and the Oath Keepers too because after all Ron is a Congressman and the Oath Keepers have Obama as their Commander in Chief. I am just going to leave it at this: this article and your opinion of it is subject to different opinions just like some of the articles on infowars are. Please, let’s focus on getting Ron Paul elected President, because if we don’t, things are going to get a whole lot worse for the United States of America.

          1. Yeah, we got to get Ron Paul elected because I’m tired of living in this fucking police state. And when Dr. Paul is my employee we are going to enforce our Constitution and clean this shit up.
            By the way show me in the Constitution where a federal police force exists.

          2. They just make up new names for them, they’re all part of the same pond of scum: FBI, CIA, etc. When Ron Paul starts cutting down the government and moving us back to the Constitution, they will no doubt want to take him out like Kennedy. They will fail.

  3. OK, none of us were eye-witnesses and we may be more focused on getting Ron Paul elected, but we can’t just sit back quietly and allow the police (be they Fed. or Local) to do whatever they want. More and more incidents like this a arising and it’s something that should concern all of us. In Texas, a Middle School boy was shot dead in the school hallway by police. Today, they say he had a pellet gun. Gee, great reason to use lethal force on a child. What’s happening in our country is scary and unacceptable. We can’t put on blinders until November and say “Oh well, I wasn’t there.” Any one of us could be next, especially given the Law that was passed Christmas Eve.

    1. Well, I choose to balance things with facts. That pellet gun looks like a real 9MM firearm. Would it have been better for the police to have shot the kid with a tazer or at least tried to go for a non-lethal shot? Yes, of course it would have, but I cannot say what I would have done in that situation. To declare those officers guilty without all the facts is just as wrong as saying that kid was 100% innocent.

      1. Tell me, just how small do our children have to be before it is not okay with you to shoot them?

        1. When a person is old enough to know what a gun is, how one operates, and can potentially kill another person with one, there has to be some level of responsibility on the part of the kid and the parents. Do you think it’s okay for kid in school to gun down a teacher, fellow students, or a police officer? What if that had been a real gun the kid took from home? What if that kid decided to start shooting at random and innocent people were killed? This kid wasn’t wielding a knife or a kendo stick, he had a pellet gun that looked like an authentic gun. Police officers shouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette hoping a kid doesn’t have a real firearm. I honestly wish the kid could have been taken into custody unharmed, and if witnesses on the scene testify that the police fired without just cause, then they should face prosecution.

  4. Where does it say he had a pellet gun? That is the first I have heard of that. This boy was 20 years old. The police in Medford are quick to charge assault. I was pulled down off a porch by the back of my sweatshirt by a police officer and I fell back on him and was charged with resisting arrest and assault. This was AFTER I asked if I was under arrest and was told no. When I turned to go inside he grabbed me and pulled me and when I lost my balance I was then beaten.
    I can’t see what this kid has done that merits this outcome. He only hit the UNMARKED car because it pulled out in front of him and when he went to back up he was boxed in. As he went to go forward again, he was fired upon. Anyone would step on the gas to get out of there. The police/Marshals didn’t identify themselves. And did any of the articles mention that one of the Marshals fired 3 rounds into the victims tires, AFTER the fact?

    1. Erin,
      The young man in Medford did not have any weapon of any kind. The same time we put up this story of the shooting in Medford, there was also another incident in the news wherein an eighth grader was shot dead and he had a pellet pistol. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/05/education/texas-student-with-pellet-gun-is-killed-by-police.html
      The two incidents were being discussed simultaneously on the comment section.
      Everybody had better realize that as of January 1, 2012 the people of the United States no longer have a Bill of Rights and the police are going to continue to get more and more aggressive in order to instill a State of Terror before they come after our guns.

    2. If you read my comment more carefully, you will see that the pellet gun incident was entirely a different case, in a different state.

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