Unconfirmed: China, Russia Send Aircraft Carriers To Venezuela

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Russia & China send aircraft carrier to the coast of Venezuela The Russian aircraft carrier “Alexander Kuznetsov “heads to the coast of Venezuela, in theory, for military exercises With the Bolivarian Navy.

Moreover, According to some sources, the Chinese aircraft carrier “Shilang -07″ escorted by warships, Also in September to change its course towards Caribbean waters and engage the Russian aircraft, to-sources-According To support  Venezuela from a possible U.S. military intervention.  

“The smear campaign and incitement to violent anti-government actions must stop, “the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The stress does not subside in Venezuela after holding two weeks of protests in behalf and against the administration of President Maduro, taking the life of many Demonstrators and Govt. supporters. guild On Monday the Venezuelan motorcyclists have staged a caravan in support of President Nicolas Maduro. Meanwhile, anti-government groups up barricades and burn garbage in protest.

I cannot confirm this and this is the only source I can find for the moment but the Russians do have a missile boat/Corvette docked in Havana, Cuba unannounced.  From Russia’s Point of view I can understand this move, but China?  So I would take this information with skepticism at least until somebody else can confirm this.


7 thoughts on “Unconfirmed: China, Russia Send Aircraft Carriers To Venezuela

  1. I don’t know anything about this supposed movement of Russian and Chinese naval assets, but I have read several reports on Russia negotiating with Venezuela and Cuba to establish/re-establish military bases in those countries, as well as others.

  2. Hmm…this is interesting, if true. And a slightly unexpected move by the two countries.

    It seems that nowhere is safe. World War everywhere. Middle East, Pacific, South America, protests and the economy crashing in both the U.S. and Europe.

    I’m still curious as to why Iceland is the only place not getting attacked, especially when they kicked out the bankers. What makes Iceland so special? Why are the bankers just leaving them alone? It kinda makes you wonder if they really did throw out the bankers or if that was all a hoax too. Are we sure that Iceland is not their true covert base of operations? How do we know that their economy hasn’t been manipulated either. How do we know it’s not all a front?

    Yea some of you may think I am crazy for saying all of this, but ever since Iceland kicked out the bankers and nothing has happened (when every other country has been blown to bits), it just really bothers me. I can’t shake this feeling that there is more going on in Iceland than we think.

  3. Interesting and here is something related:

    In Catholic prophecy,which even has some concrete material evidence to support the revelations that Russia and China were planning to attack the West and America in 2016-2017. The prophecies relate that we get attacked from six sides:

    1. Florida: Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, and other S.American Socialist countries side with Russia and that the secret agreements have already been made and preparations are slowly under way.
    2. Alaska: Russian troops attempt to drive to the US/Can border but are stopped by US/Can. forces (Already Russians have been spotted in Alaska under UN auspices and Obama has relinquished several islands to Russia.
    3. Minnesota: Russian, Muslim and interior forces with orders to sabotage and wreck havoc in America – destroying dams, bridges, highways and important transportation routes, etc. Col. Lunev, former GRU Commander and former Officer in Charge of N. American Russian Intelligence, now defected to the US, has testified before a House Intel Committee, that the Russians have dozens of large weapons and supply caches all over the US, the majority in the north, which have been stocked and supplied in years past in the event of war. This is admitted by the FBI and that although they know of the existence of these hidden caches. Hundreds of Hunter Killer Teams, as they are formerly designated will exercise sabotage and kill all in their path.
    4. Mexico: Mexico will side with Russia. Already, as evidenced in recent Mexican parades in Mexico city, tens of thousands of Russian and Chinese troops are and have been rotating in Mexico.
    5. California: A one million man Chinese amphibious assault that takes to the Rockies for six months committing enumerable atrocities but are eventually driven back into the ocean. (This is suppose to happen “with help from within our own Marxist Administration). Recent amphib. exercises in China have allowed American reporters to cover some of them and these reporters asked some of the Chinese troops what they were planning for – expecting them to say for an attack on Taiwan, but the troops said – we are going to attack America.
    6. Pennsylvania: A Russian and “other” forces combine to move from the East Coast of America in Pennsylvania with the intention of driving past Pittsburgh towards the interior and link up with all the other forces.

    Note: The original movie “Red Dawn” although made into a movie with much added fanfare was made from an Intelligence Report from an Army Officer; during the movie the shot down Air Force pilot gives the basis for the movie taken from the original and true Army Intelligence Report. American legislators have ignored many reports similar.

    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: “Russia will attack America”
    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stimatic said in 1960, from her revelations that – Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and America with her “secret” i.e. Obama’s army ?? army. We here reports of over 300,000 Russians already in America training at several military bases under UN auspices in anticipation for “civil disturbance”. Plus Obama’s arming of nearly all the 70 Government agencies and placing Marxists, Muslims, Atheists, homosexuals (rear enders), Lesbians, Feminists, etc in high positions in these agencies. Add that Obama has been depleting our military resources and basically destroying our country and its culture.
    – In 1984, Pope John Paul II asked a German mystic of unquestionable reputation, what he had seen in his visions to which he said that he saw: “The sky was black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the West and East Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities” he further said Russia will field an army of over 10,000,000 and “all” of Islam unites with Russia, this all to happen suddenly and soon.

    Col. Lunev, and other defectors have said that Russia deactivated only many of its infantry units, but not only kept all its officers and highly trained tech. personal, but Russia has massively increased their numbers, and that Russia only need to call up its reserves (Russia has a conscription) and it can mass millions in a very short time, even weeks as they have made preparations to do so. At the same time many of the mystics have said that Russia was and is secretly massively producing fighters, tanks, and modern equipment in numbers not known or realized by the Western powers.

    There will soon be, from whatever cause, a false flag, nuke, something to cause martial law; America will fall into a violent civil war and revolution and when all is in turmoil and chaos, our enemies, Russia and China attack with much help from many traitors in our own government.

    But the mystics say that God pre-empts Russia’s plans, God causes Russia to get so upset and mad that they attack before they have completed with all their allies, all their plans for the coming invasion; this allows us a fighting chance. In the end, the mystics say, WE WIN, but not at first. For a while much fighting and at first Russia with its allies wins everywhere..

    The events in the Ukraine might be what infuriates Putin and causes them to put their plans in motion much earlier than when they should – this being just a guess of mine – but pay attention and remember the mystics say all happens in the late spring, early summer and very very soon, either this year (my personal opinion) or next but very soon and will surprise most people and governments.

    No electricity for over a year, no stores, food, gas, transportation, water or necessary needs, just mobs, gangs, killing, and starvation on a level never imagined in America, over 75% of America and the world dies in this near 3 or four year war. Every major city in the world will be destroyed by massive earthquakes, storms, tidal waves, or the war, that the earthquakes and disasters now are just “small” warnings that no one is heeding say the mystics. Whole cities, countries and provinces will be swallowed up in massive earthquakes. Get ready, find a place out of the cities to go to, a farm, relative, cabin and prepare with all the necessities you can afford including firearms and much ammunition which will be worth more than gold.

    – Read online:

    – JR Nyquist – For Patriots Who Think
    – WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe
    – The prophecies of Alois Irimaier – Austrian mystic.
    – The prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello, Italian nun, mystic and stigmatic (1895 to 1961), founder of the Ital. Colabrian Sisters.
    – The Three Days Darkness: Which forces and end to WWIII and kills all remaining enemies of God, His Church and our country.

    Why: God is going to punish us severely for our sins, for abortion, homosexuality, contraception, drugs, divorce, pornography, etc, He is going to let our enemies punish us firstly and when all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem doomed, then God will intervene and turn the tide and we – virtue wins. All the enemies of God, His Church (especially those within at the highest levels) and our country will be totally annihilated, all Freemasons during the Three Days Darkness that are still living will be killed.
    The most serious sin though, that has the ire of God now coming upon us it the massive “apostasy” now happening in His Church and the world, the abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith now abandoned by the hierarchy of the Church and the Pope – God will not be mocked.

    All is not what it seems and many times what we think to be is not so but rather a distortion or distraction from real intents.

  4. This was the first article I sent in this morning, and as far as I’m concerned, the worst news of the day…..

    The escalation is expanding exponentially.

  5. Governments sure are expensive and cause a lot of death and destruction.I sometimes wonder if they are a wonderful lot protecting our freedom or a gang of murderous thieves running amok over natural law to satisfy their own desires at our expense?I hope you wonder as well.

  6. In a show from one of the tv channel of the government , the host is showing one piece of paper where confirmed that the Russian aircraft carrier is going to the Venezuelan coast.

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