Undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrate Palestinian protest

Published on Dec 21, 2016 by Activist-News

Undercover Israeli forces infiltrated a group of Palestinians protesters this afternoon near a checkpoint outside of Ramallah in the West Bank and opened fire on the demonstrators, wounding one. Meanwhile unformed Israeli soldiers wounded two more protesters with live rounds, critically injuring one by firing a shot into the back of the protester’s head.

The source and owners of this video are “The Official Page of the Palestinian Freelance Photographer Haitham Khatib – الصفحة الرسمية للمصور الفلسطيني هيثم الخطيب –
Adrian Epuran , Amalia Daoud
and was filmed October the 7th, 2016.

Another typical day in the occupied Palestinian territories. No it’s not complicated. International law which all civilized people should abide with is pretty clear. Palestinians have the right to defend themselves and the occupying power has to leave. It’s sad that peace to Israel means one thing the continuation of land theft with total submission by the victims.

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