One thought on “Check this weird picture out. Not much “fear and worry” here with a man and his gun out!

  1. From what I’ve learned the reason guns and or hands tend to be shot often in a gun fight is because people focus on the threat (look at the shooters demise photo the gun is in pieces (not saying this is real though)). If this is a real picture the only logical reasons people would have their backs turned would be they are running away or being commanded by the shooter to turn away (hands in pockets and cell phone out as seen above seems to negate both possibilities).

    If this was real, once the shooting began and fight or flight has kicked in, the shooters muzzle would become everyone’s world as their brains kick in to overdrive, so much so that the perception of time slows for many (Tachypsychia) and potentially tunnel vision develops around the threat as your brain becomes ultra focused on avoiding the danger zone. People will think/move/act at super human speeds when the adrenaline dump comes into play and since I can see shell casings on the floor there is no way to explain the posture/facial expressions and current activities of the people in the fore ground pictured above other then calling this what it is, FAKE NEWS.

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