United Airlines to let unvaccinated workers return


March 9 (Reuters) – United Airlines Holdings Inc will allow workers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 for religious or medical reasons to return at the end of this month, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The move permits staffers with exemptions from the carrier’s vaccination requirement for its U.S. employees to return from unpaid leave or from the non-customer-facing roles they were allowed to apply for as an alternative to their regular jobs, the report said.

United Airlines declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Reuters.

Last month, a U.S. appeals court ordered a new review of a decision not to block United Airlines from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers. read more

Chicago-based United was the first major air carrier to issue a vaccine requirement, and its Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby had defended the employee mandate, saying “we did this for safety. We believe it saved lives.”

Kirby said about 200 of the company’s 67,000 employees refused to get vaccinated and were fired.

The 200 employees won’t be brought back and the newly hired workers will still have to be vaccinated, the WSJ report said.


4 thoughts on “United Airlines to let unvaccinated workers return

  1. What if they all said F you?
    I wish they would , because f you !
    Yeah now that you need us because we’re not infected or injected
    I hope ALL of those people found a better job than working for shit heads like this

    Let the back pedaling commence

    They should be sued for wrongful termination

  2. As we used to casually say in HS in the mid-1970s in Medford, Oregon. And College at Oregon State from 1976-1980. And USC in LA from 1980-1984.
    That’s “mighty white of ’em”. (Honest to God Truth. “White Privelidge”.)
    Even though the LA population was ~80% white at the time. Oregon was much more Caucasian. Everywhere. Natural segregation. It’s occurred for thousands of years.
    Why? The Truth, I guess. I moved around a lot.
    I was a 15 yo Sophmore at Thomas Jefferson HS in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia the 1st year they started “bussing” students from inner city DC to the suburbs of N VA. They called it “desegregation” to better “integrate” the “diversity” of the DC inner city into the suburb populations, in 1973, for political reasons. All during the whole Nixon “impeachment” debacle for all of of his “horrendous coverup of petty crimes”. I never had one Black kid in any classes. They segregated the lunch tables every day (like prison). The only thing I got out out of it was they played and danced to Herbie Hancock’s “Head Hunters” album on a boombox every day at lunch. I loved it.
    Nixon’s “crimes” were not blatant, in your face, Treason like we see everywhere today. Nixon had the unfortunate backdrop, in 1973, of the slow wind down of “losing” the Vietnam War.
    Dis-Integration should have been the term they used.
    Resegregation is what is being pushed today in the US.
    I’m all for it. Free flights back to their “Homeland”.
    That’s just my opinion.
    Your milage may vary.

    1. I forget to mention that I was Trumpet and Keyboard player at that time in 1973 before we moved back to Medford, Oregon.
      Jazz to Classical. Including Ein Heldenleben by Richard Strauss and “Tristan and Isolde”: Prelude and Liebestod from Richard Wagner’s Opera. Played by my HS band on live Radio in Vienna, Austria in the Spring of 1973. It was illegal to play Wagner in Israel until fairly recently.
      Wow. Jewish censorship. Who could have imagined it? FYI.
      Herbie Hancock “Head Hunters” 1973. https://youtu.be/3m3qOD-hhrQ
      It may not be your kind of music and that’s cool.
      Please give it a couple of listens. Especially the first two songs.
      And imagine you are 15 years old in 1973. Maybe a few alcohol drinks or your choice of other “things”.
      Harvey Mason on Drums is the best I’ve ever heard to this day.
      And that’s saying something.

    2. Good morning, Captain.
      I have to say this comment has me confused. It has absolutely nothing to do with the article you have placed it on and you’re so open in subject matter in part that I would like clarification.
      I too traveled back and forth across this land all the time I was growing up. My entire family was in West Virginia, so I so saw segregation and desegregation.
      You say Oregon was much more Caucasian, well it sure as hell wasn’t where I grew up, unless you want to discount the Indian population. The only white privilege I ever saw was based solely on membership in the Masonic lodge.
      Then you talk about Richard Nixon and his “petty crimes”. After swearing to end the Vietnam War, he escalated the war and conducted unlawful black op carpet bombing of Cambodia. That whole war was a lie and it was conducted for money, not to check international communism, as the Communist Party of the United States of America was being allowed in the United States at the same time. At any rate, just being a part of the unlawful international American corporation, he was as treasonous as treason can get.
      Now at the end of your statement, you say you are for re-segregation and write “I’m all for it. Free flights back to their “Homeland”.”
      To whom are you referring and how far back do you want to go? When did your forefathers migrate to this country and from where?
      This country has been run since its inception, not by the will of the people, but by the heavy hand of mammon and the foreign lords of Europe who brought their foreign wealth to this country, bought off the politicians, and what was passed off as law was never the will of the people but the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rules.
      At the end of the Revolutionary War, which was actually a hijacking of a people’s uprising for their natural rights as human beings, who did the conquered land belong to? The people who fought and died for it or the aristocracy who were the original enemy that the people rose up against?
      Everything we have been told about our history has been a lie. We do not know what we would have done had we, as we rightfully should have, held the reigns of power. I can pretty much guarantee you we would not be in this f-king mess we find ourselves in today.
      I am for sending back every alien that has come across our border and taking a part of what belongs to us without due process of the law as required by the unalienable supreme law of December 15, 1791.
      When you say free flights back to their homeland, is that who you are referring to?
      I would have to know the answer to that question before going any further in this discussion. That’s where my mileage stops.
      Looking forward to your reply.

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