4 thoughts on “Update 11:54 am Jan 29 2016

  1. Making political statements about Clinton crimes with a red dot on your forehead? Remember, you can’t surrender or they’ll shoot you, from what I saw yesterday. Good luck getting out of there alive, much less, without charges.

  2. He brings up a valid point about Hillary, the unlaw should be doled out to everyone.

    Unfortunately, they are above the law and we are not.

  3. Hey trenches!
    I have been watching this thing since day one. This was a cluster fvk from the beginning!
    With respect to the murdered guy the rest are idiots!
    If ever faced with a situation like they were get your sh!t straight ahead of time. Supplies! Duh! shouldn’t be begging in a week.
    Also did anyone see how they kept their supplies around the AO? Come on guys get it right. Inventory and locate the supplies in various locations and hide some. Don’t just leave it laying around in disarray.
    Food and trash all located together is a nogo.
    These guys were not true militia. They were wannabes!
    Also know who is around you. My guess, half were infiltrators.
    One more thing. If posting this stuff on the web have one location to film and record. These guys gave away way too much Intel to the feds by randomly filming with their sh!t everywhere to be seen. Opsec opsec opsec

    I could go on all night about how idiotic their actions were during this event!

    Any of us could be faced with a decision to join and take a stand. Make plans now so if it ever happens you don’t make us look stupid like these guys did.

    1. “Make plans now so if it ever happens you don’t make us look stupid like these guys did.”

      The good news is that stupid people don’t last very long on this site.

      Got no use for ’em.

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