Update: HR 6556 Coverage

I just received this email from Joel Payne, Communications Directory for Congresswoman Barbara Lee. 

Henry –

How are you?  I am the Communications Director for Congresswoman Barbara Lee who introduced the 99er bill today with Congressman Scott.  I understand that you are concerned about the coverage we got for today’s event.  MSNBC actually covered the event and I’m told that there will be a segment on tonight’s The Ed Show.  Congresswoman Lee also appeared on the Ed Schultz Radio Show earlier this afternoon and CNN has run a piece the last two days about Gregg Rosen’s story (of the American 99ers Union) and they mentioned the Lee-Scott bill.
Would love to talk with you and see if we can get you to update your blog post with that new information.  Thanks for your time.
Joel Payne
Communications Director
The Honorable Barbara Lee, CA-9 District
2267 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Office: (202) 225-1882
Blackberry: (202) 225-4783
Cell: (401) 261-5651
Visit our website: http://lee.house.gov


0 thoughts on “Update: HR 6556 Coverage

  1. Henry-

    Looks like the Ed show is doing the right thing. Too bad nobody carried it live. Would have had 100 times the impact. The ed show air’s late, but better than nothing. I’m happy to see the correspondence at least.

  2. Thank you, Henry.
    Wow! You got a response! That’s a lot better than I’ve been able to do from anyone in office. We’re counting on you to give them an ear full.
    We’ll be watching “Ed” tonight. It’s a good thing our guns are back home in Texas. I’m afraid my husband would pull an “Elvis” and shoot the TV. LOL

  3. I saw Ed’s report Wednesday night, and I hope a lot of other people did, too. He moved me to tears with the story of the woman who sold her gold ring.

    This nation deserves better from its elected officials. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Twelve years ago I lived in an expensive high rise apartment in Boston, I was paying $1800 a month. I noticed there were some cars in the lot with different colored doors and generally beat up. I found out that my neighbors were subsidized and living there for like $300 a month.
    One of their kids lit fires in the building on 6 occasions, always at 8pm, we all had to evacuate everytime. Police caught him on video, they had to leave. Point is, I hope that when my home and savings are gone that program can do the same for me. Do you think it will?

  5. Henry, Mark, Sam, and all my fellow 99er friends, On FTTWR,
    Thank You for your Prayers regarding my Niece Erika whom recently suffered severe injuries after a hit and run accident , to update you she is doing so much better considering the extent of her injuries Thank God The doctors prognosis is great she is stable.
    Thank you for your prayers…
    makes one realise that if we loose our home our cars everything we own ! non of it is as important as our family and a child’s life ! our closeness to each other the true love and concern we share for one another is far more precious than their dirty Money ..
    The rich cruel and greedy do not get to experience the true beauty in life …….. LOVE!!!


    1. That’s wonderful news, Eli! Thank you so much for the update. We will continue to pray for her speedy recovery and that they find the ….. who did this to her.

  6. Angel- Thank you, her Guardian Angel is with her still,
    Seems the idiot is hiding, its all over the news in San Jose Ca, and a reward has been set for any information leading to his arrest, he can never hide from our Lord ..


  7. Sam Thank you..for all your prayers im hoping to go see her soon..its a long drive and gas is so expensive…and im broke so im waiting for my nephew to come and pick me and my kids up ..

  8. Hello my name is Tina, and I am a 99er. I was laid off from a teacher paraprofessional positon in 2008. I decided to go back to school to finish my B.S. in elementary education. I emptied my entire 401K(with 10%) penalty to pay for school. I am now a certifed K-6 educator without a job. The attempt to privatize the public school system is in all out war mode. The president may believe that school choice is the way to go, but I strongly believe that when you lower the wage, take away benefits, and dismantle tenure you are left with a weakened public school system. Tenure promotes collaboration(necessary), and dedication to our communites(needed).
    Thank you,

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