99ers – HR 6556 No More than Another Lie?

Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Bobby Scott held a press conference Wednesday morning to announce the reintroduction of HR 6556.  And Monday evening MSNBC’s Ed Shultz addressed the issue of the 99ers and the legislation extensively.  It was good to see the 99er issue thrust back into the mainstream propaganda machine.

Of course there is a trade off.  Schultz seemed to rave without taking a breath for five minutes expounding on his total devotion to social communism.  He mixed truths with half truths and lies.  Truths, like the description of the deplorable conditions the 99ers are living in.  Half truths, like the right wing of the false left-right paradigm is 100% responsible for our plight.  Outright lies, like social communism is American.

Ed Schultz, in spite of his front is a socialist elitist.  I doubt he has ever seen a poor day in his life.  His solution for the 99ers was that the government should start paying us to work for the commune a few days a week in order to keep our skills sharp.  He also raved on about the need to build high speed rail across the country. 

Well, Eddie, not everybody is ignorant as to all the implications associated with high speed rail.  You see, the same filthy rich families that became filthy rich through land grants when the first transcontinental railroad went through, will be the number one beneficiaries of a high speed rail system, as new tracks will have to be laid across their property.

Schultz was right about one thing, and that is that the whole damn government is socialist and that the rich corporate Republicans represent a socialism with a two class system – the rich and the poor.  And the second branch of socialism is headed by the unions and is social communistic at its roots. 

I am in individual, freeman sovereign citizen of the united States of the Americas.  I have never nor will I ever support any other form of government other than the Republican form described and guaranteed in the Constitution for the united States of the Americas.  I can trace my roots in this country back to the colonies and I tell you Ed Schultz, in spite of you and your idol Lenin, who said America would accept communism as an alternative to capitalism, we the free patriotic people are going to take this county back.  After which we are going to send you and your commie buddies to China where you belong.

It is admitted that the only way HR 6556 is going to make it to the floor of Congress is if it introduced as “Emergency” legislation.  Sorry people, but this is not a bailout for a billion dollar bank and it’s not going to make it under this pretense.

Not long after the press conference was concluded, Speaker of the House John Boehner released a statement saying the unemployment legislation would not even be considered unless it was paid for.  And what do you think the chances of that are?  Well I’ll give you an indication.

Wednesday morning Boehner and the rest of the power house Republicans attended an extravagant luncheon at the White House hosted by their good friend, President Soetoro, at which the Republicans presented Soetoro with their list of programs targeted for cuts.  Making number one on the list was $2 billion to be cut from job training. 

The Republicans plan to cut $500 billion from the budget.  Does anybody out there really think they’re going to find somewhere they can cut $15 to $16 billion to pay for the 14 week extension?  And even if there was someplace to cut $15 to $16 billion, does anyone think the Republicans are really going to allow for that money to be spent on 99ers?

This whole episode is nothing more than a publicity stunt.  It was dead on arrival from its inception and is nothing more than a stalling tactic.

In watching what little I could procure from the press conference I have to say this sounds like nothing short of a rerun of the last time a 99ers extension was brought up.  I think Lee and Scott have known from the beginning that John Boehner is in no way going to allow any legislation for the 99ers to proceed in any way.  I think the limited coverage of the press release in the mainstream media attests to its insignificance.

I’m sure some will try to argue that the aforementioned representatives just do not rate the clout for news coverage in any event.  But I will bet you when they get ready to champion the cause of amnesty for illegals all the mainstream news agencies will be front and center.  Hell, the activities of politicians in other countries rate higher than the plight of 7 million 99ers. 

This whole situation is unchanging and I am afraid it will remain so until the 99ers stop listening to liars and take the matter into their own hands.  But then this will require doing something besides bitching and waiting.  I think we had all better start strongly considering going forward with the Easter Project.  If not us, who?  If not now, when? 





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  1. It has been proven that we illegally pay taxes on our wages and now we can’t recoup what has been paid in all these years just 99 weeks worth. if they cant help us they need to do away with the illegal tax on wages.

  2. You know what I have been reading your articles and usually I feel better after reading them this time all you did was shoot down the 99ers and once again we hear stop sitting around and do something well guess what we need food, gas, and roofs over our head to survive and the crap we have to listen to or read about us just is the wrong thing to do I personally think that the Mr. Ed Show on that last link made us feel like we matter and that we are important. Everything is usually a lie when it comes to Government and Barbara Lee said this whole time until a couple days ago said it was paid for and now all of a sudden its not. There are lies everywhere and we also need to survive in order to wait around until all these jobs are being created. So I would appreciate you not writing about how we mean nothing to the Government and we have to do something we are trying to do something but it doesn’t matter to people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am a 99er who walk around philadelphia center city daily with a sign.where are the people crying everyday that sit home writing on these sites.GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND SHOW WASHINGTON YOU ARE SERIOUS!!

    2. Yvonne,
      I am sorry if my article bummed you out. The fact is you will not get sunshine blown up your arse here on From the Trenches World Report. We try to tell the truth in order to counter the lie. If we just sit around waiting for something we know will never be, we will become weaker every day and our chances for victory will diminish. Believe me I would like to tell you that I think HR 6556 will pass, but that would be a lie. When someone, say a spouse, lies to you once you might be inclined to believe and trust them again. But when you are lied to over and over again you would have to be foolish to believe the next lie, just because you want so badly for it to be true.
      Ed Schultz made me feel sick. He did try to make to make us feel important and that we matter but only that we mattered in a social communistic system. I want to matter as a free citizen of the Republic, because in the end analyses I put our Constitution and Republic above my life or any comfort.
      We can win this if we stay on point and refuse compromise. What you did not hear Ed Schultz say was that we need to end NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT immediately as these are the tools that they used to remove our jobs and industrial base. You also did not hear Ed talk about the $22 trillion stolen from us and that is because he swaps spit daily with some of those who stole it. Ed Schultz will never speak of any of these things because it is not the international communist thing to do.

  3. I can trace my heritage back to the colonies as well, in fact to the first 10,000 Europeans. If they knew a decendant of theres is struggling like this with the descendents of most people that came here after doing so much better, they would be appalled. This is not socialism, this is fuedalism where the rich totally control the poor. Those rich that are saving their money should get together to pay for this aas charity. That would be the christian thing to do.

  4. Youre right, as long as there is somone writing or saying somthing that makes us feel important or better about ourselvs, it doesnt matter if we STARVE!!!

  5. Help Stop The Political Traitors In Congress & End Illegal Politics In The U.S

    We must organize & mobilize as a nation now… The U.S is on the path of being taken over by illegal immigrant and terrorist by 2011. Media black outs & internet censoring or site blocking in the U.S is already being tested and a bill is up for a vote. What’s next to be taken away, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms? Beware crooked businesses, politicians, and other trader illegal immigrant supports will push congress & Obama to vote to yes on an amnesty bill this year to allow the continued invasion of over 30 million illegal immigrants. Most of who are habitual lawbreakers, uneducated, criminals, terrorists, gang members, pedophiles, prostitutes, and drug users/dealers. Illegal Immigrant and supporters steal money, use violence, and make terrorist threats to people who oppose amnesty or want laws enforced. Defense budgets and military bases all over the country are closing down. Wake up U.S citizens!!! We do not need more illegal’s joining the military. We have the draft and Militia’s in law for emergency or invasion. Why are our military soldiers dispatched all over the world? Not to protect us, but to protect big corporations and the rich over seas. Your current lawmakers have sold us out to foreign nations, private investors and the poor south of our border. The plan is to replace us with illegal immigrants then leave legal U.S citizens broke, hungry and defenseless to be taken over by rich and poor foreigners with bad intension. Citizens born in the United States are the target of elimination and are slowly being pushed out of the workforce to be left broke and dry. Illegal immigrants in the U.S earn an average income of $30,000 per yr with no papers, elementary diploma, high school diploma, or college degree. This is our regional land and the citizens born of it have a physical & spiritual oath to preserve or defend it at all cost. A fact is illegal immigrants hate U.S citizens; many raise their kids to be lawbreakers, criminals and to support terrorism in the USA like there parents. This Dream Act and any for of amnesty is a breach of national security and must be stopped now. The people do not have to accept this treason or any new laws or legislation that supports foreigners before it’s own legal citizens. So if you prefer to keep living a lie and are too scared, lazy or have no will to defend the soil you were born on to help citizens & people in need… Then don’t follow us at http://usmoa.org/

  6. I’m in my late 50’s now and when I read about people my age crying, “I worked hard all my life but now my 99 weeks of unemployment’s run out and I’m facing financial ruin!” I want to ask them, “I lived below my means all those working years and built my assets so I’d be secure when I got old. Why didn’t you?” Truth is, if you’re old and “facing ruin” just coz your unemployment’s run out, you were going to be eating dogfood in retirement anyway.

    99ers that are young and dumb I have some sympathy for. The old ones my age have no excuse. The lived like fools and have come to a fool’s end.

    1. Little Red Rooster

      You need to find another web-site to spread your garbage. We here try and help people, not bring them down to your pathetic level. Go back and crawl back under that cow patty you crawled out from.

  7. Mark,
    He was trolling on other sites today. Same thing, only boasting about his assets as well.
    Sic’em, Henry. 🙂

  8. Little Red Rooster is Not wrong.Some of us did not plan ahead so,now you sit home and cry on these sites and do nothing!…Instead of writing about it let’s do something about!!! get a group together and march in front of your employment office or if you live in philadelphia come with me every day and carry a sign. DO SOMETHING!!

  9. To hell with The Republicans. Their stupid budget proposals are not going to be allowed by The Democratic Senate and Obama, that jerk could also veto this. We need The Democratic Senate and Obama to work with these jack-ass Republicans. Their proposals are not going to be passed by The Senate, The Senate will just laugh at them. 99ers keep on keeping on. We have all year. And these jack asses in Congress, better start getting us some jobs. If they have no jobs to give, then we need some assistance. The extension to Tier 1 is a must for all. And all of you blowhards, let us take your job and you step into our place. Keep your Big Mouths shut. There are no jobs.

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