Urgent appeal from the Constitutional Sheriffs association

Sheriff Nick FinchOrly Taitz – by Sheriff Mack

We bring you an update from Sheriff Mack at the the Liberty County Courthouse in Florida:

Well, I was wrong! I never thought the case against Sheriff Nick Finch would make it to trial, but that is exactly what is going to happen,tomorrow morning, October 29, 2013 at 0900. (Happy Halloween, nothing could be creepier!) The charges against this good man have been so flimsy and frivolous that I was certain a trial would be out of the question. But the tyrants are moving forward with their agenda to stop Sheriffs in their tracks and to make them answerable to the State! This case, this abuse of authority, and the inherent injustice associated with this case, puts everything at stake that we all have fought so long for; the power and independence of the county sheriff and his duty to stand for individual liberties.  

Sheriff Finch did exactly what all of us have been hoping and praying for now for so many years; he nullified a gun charge and the arrest of a law-abiding citizen. So the State, under the direction of one corrupt deputy Attorney General (Willie Meggs) with complicity of an equally corrupt FL Governor, actually arrested and removed from office the duly elected Sheriff of Liberty County, Florida. Governor Scott and Mr. Meggs claim that Sheriff Finch destroyed public records when he released the innocent man arrested by one of his deputies. (You can read more about this at cspoa.org.) So of course, they nullified the election of Sheriff Finch who had only been in office a few months when all this occurred. Which begs the question: which is worse, the Sheriff rectifying an arrest of an innocent man and possibly whiting out the man’s name on the jail roster or the AG and Governor destroying the election by the people of Liberty county who chose Sheriff Finch last November to be their their Chief Law Enforcement Officer?

Now we have Sheriff Finch going into the Lion’s den with his trial starting Tuesday morning. The jury has been selected. I thought doing so would be impossible. Why? Because if the prospective jurors voted for Finch then that would be grounds for dismissal from jury service. Likewise, if the prospective jurors voted against Finch, that too would disqualify them from jury service. If the prospective jurors were so apathetic as to not vote at all that should also be grounds for disqualification. If you don’t care enough to vote in an election how are you going to care enough to vote on a jury?

But still, a jury has been selected and yes, Sheriff Finch puts his life and career on the line for all of us tomorrow. I am here to support him and his good wife in every way that I can. Tonight I will hit my knees and pray for Sheriff Finch and his family. But more importantly, I will pray for truth and justice. I will pray for America and the hope that we can restore liberty one county, one good Sheriff at a time.

Richard MackIn liberty,

Richard Mack

P.S. What else can you do to help?  Please spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone you can, and please post links to cspoa.org on your own web sites and social networking pages (facebook, etc.)  We desperately need to increase awareness if our message is to have a widespread effect!


8 thoughts on “Urgent appeal from the Constitutional Sheriffs association

  1. florida has been infiltrated by commies, governor scott is the traitor
    who is not upholding his oath, for which in a true republic there is
    only one punishment , god bless sheriff finch, i hope the jury has enough
    balls to nullify these unjust and illegal charges.

    1. Give me a break, this poor sheriff is going to get a jury of welfare queens and cracker haters. None of whom can read cursive, most of whom hate cops. They will do whatever the jew DA tells them to do.
      The jew court will make sure of that.

  2. “florida has been infiltrated by commies”

    Yes, from retiring ‘jews’ from the northeast and russian ‘jews’ in miami.

    Florida is occupied territory.


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