0 thoughts on “US Is Nearing Even Worse Financial Crisis: Jim Rogers

  1. You gotta love Jim Rodgers. He’s the poster boy for KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) They Are going to print more money. QE3 IS coming. It’s all they know how to do.

    The result is a lower dollar and higher commodity prices in dollar terms. This isn’t rocket science. Forget all the fluff. KISS!

    1. Lower dollar? Never truer words spoken. The New Zealand Dollar (LOL) is worth more (just a little bit) than the US dollar now! The Aussie dollar reach USD $1.11 recently, and now sits about $1.05, when it used to be about $0.85!!!!
      Of course, their economy is the envy of the developed world and still sits in the black – WTF did they do to manage that????
      Why can’t we do it?

  2. Unlike “The Great Depression”, globalization has injected something sinister into this next stage of economic collapse….inflation. While real estate continues its decline (good…it will come to equilibrium…where is should be w/out bogus stimulus), oil, food and other commodies will march upward, with brief spats of profit taking. Nonetheless, the all-too typical zig-zag’d curve will move on an upward slope. This wasn’t as prominent in the 1929 crash and, I fear, this inflationary component will prolong this one. The Fed is solely interested in stock prices and not in Main Street statistics so much. This is why they spout there is a “recovery” already underway, albeit anemic. The death spiral will occur by the continued depreciation of the dollar thereby holding oil and food prices up while driving down wages…that is the real double whammy here. There are no productivity “booms” to deliver us from evil…as was the case in past recessions. Doubtful the recent IPO’s have any real substance to them (LinkedIn? LOL!). With commercial lending just about dead, there isn’t any capital for substantive productivity investment for future savings either. Instead of a boom in purchasing of fuel efficient autos, solar and other money-savings investment, the lion’s share is going to consolidation of means of production (what’s left of it that is). Sad but Marx was partially correct. The Dept. of Homeland Security will see to it that the rest of Marx’s warnings/predictions fail to materialize (that and George Orwell’s predictions in re: control of information).

  3. Never underestimate the effect of captains of industry/secret societies threatening heads of state to provide extortion money like a tribute to the old roman empire. Some things never change and if not for this the usa would probably have collapsed some time ago. Jim Rogers should know the world economy is not mr. roger’s neighborhood, it’s more like the worst part of the hood in new jack city.

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