US/Allies hypocricy over Syria – Looking again for “False Flag Justification”

Neocons-Planned-Regime-Change-in-the-Middle-East-and-North-Africa-20-Years-AgoAmerican Militia – by Peter Eyre

For the second time we are looking at yet another Libya style forced regime change in Syria!!

“False Flag event will once again bring us to yet another war and bring about even more poverty”

Obama has made it clear that should Assad use chemical and biological weapons then military intervention could well be on the cards – What he did not tell the world was the fact that he supported a false flag  chemical/biological in order to blame the Syrian Government!!!  

Dangerous people

The dirty six


Look into my eyes, what do you see?………….The Devil?


Paul Wolfowitz – Master Planner of Mass Depopulation


Henry Kissinger – Dr. Death himself

” Some of the most dangerous warmongers on earth”

As we all know they are few and we are many and yet these so called representatives of the people take us to war on a regular basis without consultation.

They are master at spin and concoct stories that in some cases are beyond the imagination of decent intelligent people and yet the public (sheeples) allow them to get away with mass murder and war crimes…….why?

For a second time we see the same players trying to justify taking action against Syria when they themselves are in breach of using Weapons of Mass Destruction and in helping other countries create Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) and also in supplying the ingredients required!!!

cbwhalabja-genocideSome of the CBW victims


Another victim of their WMD’s


The main offending military –  The New World Order Army


The Zionist organisations who control not only the US but also the UK and EU

As we all know historically the west as promoted such weapons and as a direct result of their involvement have been directly responsible for thousands (or should I say millions of deaths) covering many countries – ranging from Africa – Balkans -Middle East with Iraq being the worse case scenario

This is evidence of western supply of some of these terrible CBW, including VX Gas the most deadly of all:

1. That it is known that a range  of pathogenic (disease producing) and toxigenic (poisonous) biological materials were exported to Iraq from the United States between 1985 and 1989, and that, among other warfare-related materials, these included a strain of anthrax utilized and tested over many years as a weapon, including during well documented WW2 and post-WW2 trials, to which the US was a party.

2. That the US Government was fully aware of the dangers vested in the biological materials exported to Iraq by the American Type Culture Collection between 1985 and 1989, and was, at the least, grossly negligent in failing to prohibit these exports to a state which was known by the US Administration at that time to be actively utilizing chemical weapons of mass destruction, and suspected – if not known – to also be developing a biological weapons programme.

3. That with knowledge of the US biological exports, the British Government, being bound to act according to the law, and having stated as much in the UK Parliament in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, has a responsibility to formally report this matter to the UN Security Council for investigation. Furthermore, that failure to do so effectively renders the BTWC meaningless, and, thereby, compromises the very concept of international law.

Beyond the case made in this paper, the following appears to be the disturbing international political reality: The invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003 was predicated upon Iraq’s possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – the primary threat presented both to Parliament and the People being anthrax. This anthrax was exported to Iraq from the US, having previously been exported from Britain, where it had been tested as a biological weapon “because its capability to produce infection and death after the inhalation of spores had been demonstrated in the laboratory”. This information is well known to the US, Britain, and Canada, due to a trilateral agreement concerning biological research between the three nations. Meanwhile, more than 20% of Britain’s MP representing approximately 12 million people – have twice called for a UN investigation into the US exports, a call which has been dismissed by the British Government by means of flimsy responses and a refusal to answer questions properly.

The United States with Great Britain blocked all Security Council resolutions condemning Iraq’s use of chemical weapons, and on March 21 the US becomes the only country refusing to sign a Security Council statement condemning Iraq’s use of these weapons

The US Department of Commerce licenses 70 biological exports to Iraq between May of 1985 and 1989, including at least 21 batches of lethal strains of Anthrax.

May, 1986. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade botulin poison to Iraq.

April, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of chemicals used in manufacture of mustard gas.

September, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade anthrax and botulinum to Iraq.

What was even more surprising was when Saddam’s elite troops received instruction in unconventional warfare at Fort Bragg , North Carolina USA. “The idea was that, in the event of an Iranian victory, the Iraqi soldiers would be able to wage a guerrilla struggle against the occupying Iranian force”

On May 25, 1994, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee released a report in which it was stated that “pathogenic (meaning ‘disease producing’), toxigenic (meaning ‘poisonous’), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application  and licensing by the U:S: Department of Commerce.” It added: “These exported biological materials were not attenuated or weakened and were capable of reproduction.”

The report then detailed 70 shipments (including Bacillus Anthracis) from the United States to Iraqi government agencies over three years, concluding “It was later learned that these microorganisms exported by the United States were identical to those the UN inspectors found and recovered from the Iraqi biological warfare program.”

Iraq purchased 8 strains of anthrax from the United States in 1985, according to British biological weapons expert David Kelly. The Iraqi military settled on the American Type Culture Collection strain 14578 as the exclusive strain for use as a biological weapon.

What is so upsetting was the fact that almost 150 foreign companies supported Saddam Hussein’s WMD program. Twenty-four U.S. firms were involved in exporting materials to Baghdad. Add to this an even longer list of American companies, UK, many EU countries, South Africa, South East Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan.

I am in possession of  a  list of all the countries involved in illegal arms trading, what was supplied and the financial support given.


Before going into the actual sabre rattling that is going on at the moment I would like to  show the hypocritical viewpoint of President Obama and what was leaked:

Mail article Tuesday January 29th 2013   exposed a totally different viewpoint incriminating the US President and his government in a very big way:

The article concerned was pulled almost as soon as it was published but not before a gallant activist took a print screen shot of it on the day it appeared and released it on facebook……….as per below:


Because the text is not clear I will repeat it below:

Leaked emails prove Obama “backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad”

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 22:20

U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’ Daily Mail.

  • Leaked emails from defense contractor refers to chemical weapons saying ‘the idea is approved by Washington’
  • Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that use of chemical warfare was ‘totally unacceptable’

PUBLISHED: 14:16 EST, 29 January 2013

Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.

Mail online


The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available.


One can see that this article, although authentic,would have caused much embarrassment to Obama and the US Government and obviously resulted in swift action being taken by their PR man to have the original article pulled. However, as one would expect, many activist would have picked up on the article and republished it……as was the case below: was very quick to publish this article immediately to give more details as to its origin etc:

U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’

Leaked emails from defense contractor refers to chemical weapons saying ‘the idea is approved by Washington’

Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that use of chemical warfare was ‘totally unacceptable’

Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.

According to, the December 25 email was sent from Britam’s Business Development Director David Goulding to company founder Philip Doughty.
It reads: ‘Phil… We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
‘We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
‘They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
‘Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?
‘Kind regards, David.’

Britam Defence had not yet returned a request for comment to Mail Online.


Let’s now look at how Obama and his gang of “Merry Men” are using a false report on a chemical attack or false flag event to justify an air strike or even possibly yet another “Libyan Style No Fly Zone” (otherwise known as war).

This is one of the more recent articles

Obama talks tough, shows no rush to act on Syria chemical arms evidence

President Barack Obama warned Syria on Friday that its use of chemical weapons would be a “game changer” for the United States but made clear he was in no rush to intervene in the civil war there on the basis of evidence he said was still preliminary.

Speaking a day after the disclosure of U.S. intelligence that Syria had likely used chemical weapons against its own people, Obama talked tough while calling for patience as he sought to fend off pressure for a swift response against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Horrific as it is when mortars are being fired on civilians and people are being indiscriminately killed, to use potential weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations crosses another line with respect to international norms and international law,” Obama told reporters at theWhite House as he began talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah.

“That is going to be a game changer,” he said. But Obama stopped short of declaring that Assad had crossed “a red line” and described the U.S. intelligence evaluations as “a preliminary assessment.”

This is not Libya,” said Nancy Pelosi, the senior Democrat in the House of Representatives, referring to the relative ease with which a NATO bombing campaign helped overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. “The Syrians have anti-aircraft capability that makes going in there much more challenging.”

U.S. officials said on Thursday the intelligence community believes with varying degrees of confidence that Assad’s forces used the nerve agent sarin on a small scalale against rebel fighters.


Note Pelosi’s comment “This is not a Libya” !!!!!!!…….sorry my dear it is exactly the same end game as Libya with your own funded special forces working deep within Syria and setting up the CBW bullshit!!


This was David Cameron’s response as written by the Telegraph:

David Cameron: Syrian use of chemical agents is a ‘war crime’

David Cameron has accused Syria’s regime of a “war crime” as evidence emerged that two more gas attacks have poisoned another 105 people.


Lets just hold it there Mr Obama and Mr Cameron….you talk about war crimes……what about the nuking of the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia etc where millions have died (including our own troops) as a direct result of your use of WMD’s in the form of depleted uranium and other small tactical nuclear weapons such as the B61′s etc?……………isn’t this in violation of the Geneva Convention…….how two faced can you morons be?

Asked about reports that President Bashar al-Assad’s forces had used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, the Prime Minister replied: “I choose my words carefully, but what I see does look very much like a war crime is being committed in our world, at this time, by the Syrian government.”

Let’s not forget Mr Cameron’s illegal trip to South Africa to purchase three tactical nuclear weapons that were then lost and sold on the black market and as a direct result of Tory Party neglect caused many countries to go to war………..and guess what they even stole tax payers money to do it…….rather unique concept don’t you think to get paid for stuffing up and then taking us to war?


This scenario is almost identical to Libya with exactly the same approach

This international press release proves their mindset:

Despite President Barack Obama’s pledge that Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a “game changer” for the United States, he is unlikely to turn to military options quickly and would want allies joining him in any intervention.

Possible military choices range from limited one-off missile strikes from ships – one of the less complicated scenarios – to bolder operations like carving out no-fly safe zones.

One of the most politically unpalatable possibilities envisions sending tens of thousands of U.S. forces to help secure Syrian chemical weapons.

Obama has so far opposed limited steps, like arming anti-government rebels, but pressure to deepen U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war has grown since Thursday’s White House announcement that President Bashar al-Assad likely used chemical weapons.

After fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon is wary of U.S. involvement in Syria. The president’s top uniformed military adviser, General Martin Dempsey, said last month he could not see a U.S. military option with an “understandable outcome” there.

“There’s a lot of analysis to be done before reaching any major decisions that would push U.S. policy more in the direction of military options,” a senior U.S. official told Reuters.

That caution is understandable, given the experience of Iraq where the United States went to war based on bad intelligence about weapons of mass destruction. The Pentagon has made repeated warnings of the enormous risks and limitations of using American military might in Syria’s civil war.


One form of military intervention that could to some extent limit U.S. and allied involvement in Syria’s war would be one-off strikes on pro-Assad forces or infrastructure tied to chemical weapons use. Given Syria’s air defences, planners may choose to fire missiles from ships at sea.

“The most proportional response (to limited chemical weapons use) would be a strike on the units responsible, whether artillery or airfields,” said Jeffrey White, a former senior official at the Pentagon’s Defence Intelligence Agency and a Middle East expert who is now a defence fellow at the Washington Institute For Near East Policy.

“It would demonstrate to Assad that there is a cost to using these weapons – the problem so far is that there’s been no cost to the regime from their actions.”

It is not clear how the Syrian government would respond and if it would try to retaliate militarily against the U.S. forces in the region. U.S. military involvement would also upset Russia which has a naval facility on Syria’s Mediterranean coast.

Another option that the Pentagon has examined involves the creation, ostensibly in support of Turkey and Jordan, of humanitarian safe areas that would also be no-fly zones off limits to the Syrian air force – an option favoured by lawmakers including Senator John McCain of Arizona.

This would involve taking down Syrian air defences and destroying Syrian artillery from a certain distance beyond those zones, to protect them from incoming fire.

Advocates, including in Congress, say a safe zone inside Syria along the Turkish border, for example, would give needed space for rebels and allow the West to increase support for those anti-Assad forces it can vet.


Lets now compare these suggested actions with those carried out in Libya and at the same time be mindful that a plan to take out these countries goes back many years when Paul Wolfowitz and an organisation called Project for the New America developed a master plan to take out at least 7 Islamic countries.

The above give reference to an offshore missile attack which as we all know resulted in over 300 cruise missiles being fired from submarines and surface vessels one the first day into high population areas!!!

It again states the the US would not wish to do this alone and would call upon allies which basically means yet another NATO strike….the military arm of the New World Order!!

They also talk about creating yet again a no fly zone and taking out air defence systems and naturally Syrian military airfields and associated hardware etc!!

The article also gives reference to targeting Syrian Chemical and Biological facilities and no doubt other weapon dumps!!!


We must all be aware of the fact that if any of the above should take place it would not be in the name of humanitarian intervention but rather the case of a full scale war resulting in many thousands of deaths (Libyan initial death toll when from around 6,000 prior to the war to well over 50,000 after the NATO attack) with possible millions to die as a direct result of the west using WMD’s……….yes folks we used WMD’s and Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Libya!!

Don’t you find it rather ironic that the west talk about going to war to stop the enemy from using WMD’s and CBW’s and yet “blast shit” out of the country or should I say “NUKE THEM” by using these banned weapons themselves and in-turn contaminate the entire country, neighboring countries and the world beyond with million of radioactive nano particles that simply drift on the wind.

It should be noted that the depleted uranium contained in the Libyan onslaught had the capacity to kill over one million people alone!!!

In this case using such weapons on the doorstep of Europe and the vast populations of adjacent Middle East countries would be catastrophic to say the least…….I again draw your attention to what would happen with that contamination.

A gaseous cloud of radioactive nano particles would reach the entire Middle East within 4 days with heavy concentrations in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Israel and Jordon and significant contamination covering an area from southeast Europe in the west to India in the east and from the Caspian in the north to Horn of Africa in the south. This same gaseous cloud would then circle the globe within one month and subject to main weather systems could bring that contamination to such cities as London!!!………..the map below gives you some idea of the distribution from such war zones and the graph below it proves that any city can be “Nuked”…… this case it was the Greater London area!!

Air flow chart

How radioactive contamination reaches the rest of the world from war zones

Air filter graph

Proof that radioactive nano particles contaminated Greater London Area on several occasions during the Gulf Wars


We must all be mindful of the fact that our respective governments continuously bombard us with “New World Order” propaganda about issues that are purely a figment of their imagination to keep us in fear and to allow them to continue on their greedy imperialistic “Geo Political Plan” – Their Fantasy “War on Terrorism” – Their intentional plan to wipe out our way of life, finances and sovereignty – To destroy Christianity and our “Ethical and Moral Fibre.”


I would like to apologise for repeating certain aspects in my articles such as the global contamination charts and other key references. When one feels so compassionate about protecting our environment and all that live within we must continue to push home such vital points until all the sheeples out there fully understand the implications of our actions.

I repeat again that the true “Axis of Evil” lies within our own countries and their governments who deceitfully create the many “False Flag Events” that take us to war or allow them to alter your own way of life by imposing martial law etc…… is time to stand up and be counted…….it is time to tell your governments we no longer believe your spin ……….it is time to stop this war on non existent terrorism…… is time to stop all wars and conflicts and to start trading with all nations in a peaceful way.

We are currently looking at a changing of the guard and for the immediate collapse of the current New World Order from  “Western control to a Far Eastern control”………the question remains can this take place before these evil satanic maniacs launch yet another war?

Live in hope and bless you all

Peter Eyre – 29/4/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

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