Vicious Mob Runs Ted Cruz Out of DC Restaurant

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A large number of protestors ran Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi out of a DC restaurant, Monday, shouting about the Kavanaugh nomination. The Left increasingly seems to believe that Conservatives are not welcome in public places.

Daily Caller reports:  

Two videos were posted by “Smash Racism DC” and they show a large group of protesters chanting “We believe survivors” in reference to sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at Sen. Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz.

One video shows a protester confronting Sen. Cruz and his wife as they entered the restaurant. Sen. Cruz tells the woman “God bless you” before attempting to take a seat at a table.

After the protesters surround the table, Sen. Cruz tells Mrs. Cruz, “Let’s go ahead and go” and puts on his jacket to leave.

Watch the attack:

The Hollywood Conservative

4 thoughts on “Vicious Mob Runs Ted Cruz Out of DC Restaurant

  1. Well…

    Let me guess….

    Ted Cruz..

    He’s lucky….

    They should have deep fried that mthrfkr..

    Then served him and his wife….

    As the special senior citizens dinner meal.

  2. A better chant and reason for running Cruz out would have been, You’ve usurped our Bill of Rights, and will tolerate NO more.

  3. When more of the population of this country wakes up to what these fcks have done to this country, our rights and we the people , none of these government fckups will be able to walk the streets or be in public
    I don’t give a shit from which party
    And it’s high time we get on with this

    1. Yep, round ’em, send then you know where. They’ll possibly spend eternity in Hell where it’s hot…meanwhile, let’s send them where it’s cold, and where they can eat each other.

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