Video Shows Cops Assault, Cuff 15yo Boy for Running a Stop Sign—On His Bicycle

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Newark, NJ — Children riding bicycles is an everyday act that takes place through every city in every state all day long. Most of these children riding their bikes in neighborhoods will likely not stop at stop signs and most of them will not be thrown to the grown and handcuffed by cops. One child in New Jersey, however, was not as fortunate as most kids in the country and riding his bicycle led to him realizing the full brunt of Police State USA.

Two New Jersey Institute of Technology police officers were suspended recently after they were seen on video forcing a small 15-year-old to the ground and assaulting him over an alleged bicycle infraction. The video was posted to Twitter with the following description:

“If this happened to u at the age of 15 for not stopping what would u do? Justice needs to come for this young 15 yr old boy who was clearly frightened and harassed by NJIT police. This is ridiculous and IT NEEDS TO STOP. ”

As the video shows, you can hear the officers explain the teen is being stopped for a bicycle offense.

“We were attempting to make a bike stop before you took off on us,” one officer says.

“We have to cuff you. Shut your mouth!” the cop says as he shoves the teen’s face into the ground.

After watching the incident unfold, students going to the university said they are fearful of the police.

“The population on campus is now going to feel unsafe, and we shouldn’t have to feel like that when we just live here,” Rutgers junior Jeremiah Richardson said to WABC.

A spokesman for the university described the child’s treatment and subsequent arrest as “troubling,” but declined to elaborate on the exact charges the teen is facing or what prompted such a brutal response.

After the video went viral, the NJIT police department was forced to respond and noted that they have suspended the officers involved and are investigating the incident.

“There was a concerning incident on Monday, August 26 involving a juvenile who was apprehended off campus by two of our university police officers. The circumstances of this matter are troubling, and NJIT has launched an investigation that will include the involvement of an independent law enforcement agency. While that investigation proceeds expeditiously, we are conducting a review of pursuit procedures and training and have placed both involved officers on administrative leave. NJIT is part of a larger community, and our university’s partnership with the City of Newark and our shared community is critically important. That relationship is strong thanks to mutual respect and proactive, positive engagement efforts, some of which are led by our Office of Public Safety. We will continue to work in partnership with the City and Newark’s community members. We will investigate this matter thoroughly and take all appropriate actions as soon as the investigation is complete.”

Below is the “troubling” video showing what happens when kids don’t obey every single bicycle law.

Sadly, this sort of stop and violence over improper bicycle riding is not uncommon.

As TFTP previously reported, an officer’s dashcam video showed a disturbing scene unfold as a police officer stops a man on a bicycle. An unarmed, shirtless, shoeless man is mauled for several minutes by a police K-9.

The reason for the stop was the cyclist was riding without a light on his bike.

Also, another incident was captured on video in which an officer attempted to cause grave injury to a child by running him over with his cruiser. The child’s crime? He was riding his bicycle without the proper lighting. Now, the taxpayers are going to be held liable for this cop’s actions.

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