Walmart and other stores use facial recognition to spy on you


As early as 2013, Walmart and Facebook announced their plans to begin using facial software on everyone.

According to a article, Walmart tested a facial recognition system that scanned the face of everyone entering several of its stores this year. The system would identify people of interest and alert security but it proved too costly.

Chris Calabrese at the Center for Democracy and Technology warns…

Anywhere that has a camera could end up employing face recognition technology.”

Walmart like many retailers uses Bosch’s Dinion and Flexidome camera systems:

“The Dinion and Flexidome HDR cameras use state-of the-art Intelligent Video Analysis software(IVA) to detect objects of importance and track their movements. To take further advantage of IVA, a special mode called intelligent auto exposure (iAE) can be enabled in the camera. When this is used, the camera detects important objects such as faces, people and vehicles and then dynamically re-tunes its imaging settings to ensure the most useful, highly detailed image is captured.”

Bosch’s surveillance cameras track customers from the moment they enter the parking lot and throughout the store:

“In video surveillance, moving objects are usually the most significant objects of interest. Intelligent Tracking automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click.”

Another Bosch IVA video boasts how operators don’t need to watch all the surveillance footage because their ‘intelligent system’ can identify people, cars and objects.

Fortune magazine asked retailers if they used facial recognition and received a response one would expect from law enforcement.

“Home Depot says it does not use face scanning software. Walgreens says it has no contract with FaceFirst, and added it does not discuss specific security measures. Target, meanwhile, would not confirm or deny if the company uses the software.”

“The only company that acknowledged using the software was Walmart. According to a spokesperson, the retailer tested facial recognition software in stores across several states for several months, but then discontinued the practice earlier this year.”

It’s as though retailers took a page out of lying James Clapper’s NSA handbook, when he claimedthey don’t knowingly spy on everyone.

It’s not just retailers that are spying on everyone, public transportation commuters are being spied on billions of times a year.

According to Computer Weekly only 30% of retailers admit to using facial recognition software!

“Around 30% of retailers use facial recognition technology to track customers in-store, according to research by software firm CSC.”

“The study found 74% of shops are using technology to track customers when they are in the store.”

Retailers are also using FaceFirst a facial recognition software company to spy on customers.

FaceFirst claims retailers can identify the ‘bad guys’ before they enter their stores.

But who are the ‘bad guys’?

‘Retailers are building a database of good customers and can recognize them when they come through the door.’

‘Retailers have the technology to identify anyone and instantly alert security if they should let them in.’

FaceFirst’s website describes in greater detail how they can send descriptive alerts to security whenpre-identified shoplifters walk through any door at any store. They also claim to have the ability to identify litigious individuals.

“Just load existing photos of your known shoplifters, members of organized retail crime syndicates, persons of interest, and your best customers into FaceFirst. Instantly, when a person in your FaceFirst database steps into one of your stores, you are sent an email, text, or SMS alert that includes their picture and all biographical information of the known individual so you can take immediate and appropriate action.”

You can bet this technology is being used by police to identify activists EVERYWHERE!

Two more facial recognition companies target VIP’s and the hospitality industry…

NEC’s, VIP recognition software in use in hotels, casino’s etc,, can identify people in less than a second!

“NEC’s VIP identification application is ideally suited to hospitality environments or businesses where there is a need to identify the presence of important visitors, whether expected or unannounced.”

Face-Six is another facial recognition company being used by law enforcement, hotels, casinos etc.

If all else fails and security can’t identify you, don’t worry there’s a couple of new apps they can use.

Security can take your picture and identify you using the NameTag app. or which claims to be the world’s most advanced facial recognition platform.

Unfortunately, it’s not just retailers that are spying on everyone, now you can include places of worship.

Earlier this year, I reported how churches are using facial recognition software to spy on members.
Spying in churches has become so bad, they’re PAYING the government a $100.00 a MONTH to spy on members!

How long have police been able to identify and spy on specific individuals?

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