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Watch man swipe an assault rifle, stun gun and rounds of ammunition from police car

Miami Herald – by Carli Teproff

Someone swiped an assault rifle, police vest, Taser and ammunition from a marked Opa-locka police car early Tuesday morning as it sat in a Pembroke Pines neighborhood, according to police.

The burglary, which police say is connected to several others in the Sunswept area of Pembroke Pines, was caught on home-surveillance cameras.  

“This is a very brazen burglary to have targeted a marked police vehicle,” said Capt. Al Xiques in a video posted to YouTube. “We believe that this suspect was involved in numerous vehicle burglaries that happened within the same neighborhood around the same time frame, where at least one additional firearm was also stolen.”

According to police, the car was parked at a home around Taft Street and 86th Avenue when someone opened the door of the police car and removed items just before 3:30 a.m.

The video shows a young man walking up to the passenger side of the police car, opening the door and rifling through the car. He pulls out a police vest, with the help of a flashlight.

He then moves to the trunk. He can be seen walking away with a rifle strapped to him.

Police say he left with a Taser, cartridges, tactical vest with police markings, a 16-round .45 caliber magazine and an AR-15 assault rifle with three fully loaded magazines.

The man is described as being approximately 5 feet, 10 inches, weighing 160 pounds, with a full-sleeve tattoo on his right arm. Police said they believe he was not working alone.

“Someone should recognize who this burglar is, which is why we are asking for assistance from the community,” Xiques said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pembroke Pines Police Department at 954-431-2200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

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6 Responses to Watch man swipe an assault rifle, stun gun and rounds of ammunition from police car

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    that officer who left his car unlocked with all that fire power inside should be FIRED!
    this pigs car was NOT broken into, it was left unlocked, neglegence

    oh and you want our guns? , when people brazen as this guy out there armed with the police forces tools ? yeah good luck with that

    very very irresponsible firearm ownership is what I see ..
    now , when a cop or a US National is murdered with this pigs weapons that he so blatantly left to chance , will the cop have any responsibility to that gun?
    nope , again we the tax payers will be paying for all the damage

  2. Cynicles says:

    It’s OK, he passed his background check.

  3. SKYWALKER says:

    Issue should be why was the car in the neighborhood unattended, let alone unlocked—-Cop must have been in a rush to get his illicit booty call on and is probably having some sort of affair. Fire the cop for derelict of duty and make him pay for the items taken

    • Jolly Roger says:

      yeah…. but the items taken are nothing compared to what the items will be used to take.

      More “trained professionals” in action.

  4. Big Jim says:

    The officer was definitely “extremely careless” as well as facilitating a criminal act. Have a weapon stolen from your vehicle; at least here in TX; and see what happens to you. Same thing if you leave your keys in the car, and it gets stolen. The “victim” is equally liable for any crimes the “perp” commits with the auto (or weapon). Forget about insurance covering anything. It becomes instantly VOID, because of your negligence. If you have a CCW, you will be loosing that too, if a weapon is involved. Keep your keys in your damn pocket, and never leave your weapon in the car or anywhere unattended. Common sense really; and it’s the law.

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