Watch A Pro-Trump Focus Group Not Realize These Amazing Campaign Ads Are Satire

Counter Current News – by Tasha Sharifa

During a presidential campaign many of us would have loved to be a joke, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Robert Smigel) has come to the rescue with a little comic relief.

As Joe Berkowitz of fastcocreate reports:

“Back in February, Triumph’s Election Special 2016 showed how well Smigel’s creation was suited for this most circus-like election cycle.  

The special, which the comedian made with Funny or Die for Hulu, found your favorite insult comic dog berating youth voters, among its many other (dog) treats.

Now that the primaries are long over, and we are in a post-Bernie world, Triumph’s Summer Election Special leans harder on Clinton and Trump.

In a clip to promote the release, a focus group of real Trump supporters is asked for their feedback on a series of fake campaign ads.”

As Triumph watches despairingly through a two-way mirror, the group earnestly debates the merits of ideas such as all Mexicans having to wear a collar for an invisible electric border fence, in preparation for the famous Wall. The ads get ever more bonkers over the clip’s 15 minutes, and the fact that they’re taken seriously is equal parts funny and terrifying.

Supporters are seen to be in agreement on an array of ludicrous propositions. From the idea of poisoning China’s water to lower their populace’s IQ, trapping and caging undocumented citizens, to asking for Hillary’s birth certificate to make sure she’s a woman- insinuating she’s lied about Bengazhi, why not her genitals?

The most telling and terrifying part of the video is that it shows that there really are no limits for The Donald when it comes to his supporters. No matter how inflammatory, and despite relentless criticism he can do no wrong.

He has legitimized the misogyny, and bigotry that many Americans have held secretly, and they are happy that finally- a presidential candidate who shares their sentiments has a fighting chance at office.

For a good laugh, or cry, watch the unsettlingly funny video below.

Counter Current News

18 thoughts on “Watch A Pro-Trump Focus Group Not Realize These Amazing Campaign Ads Are Satire

  1. These people are the ones supporting Tramp, sorry Trump. I cannot wait for these people to see what it will be to live under Trump rule: All for the rich and the poor pay for it.

  2. I did not watch the segment, but I read the article description. I think that most trump supporters are blindly supporting him against Hillary (aka Wonderland’s The Queen of Hearts). Trump supporters often do not care about the Constitution, the Founder’s republic, civil liberties, or the militia. And of course, Hillary supporters don not care about these things either. People have decided to vote the lesser of two evils for many election cycles, including this one. Supporting the lesser of two evils is, by definition, still evil, and shows that one has abandoned principle. i wrote a blog essay on this a while back, but most of relatives cannot get it.

  3. These videos ads are great, I wish they were true.. The real Trump in my opinion is too nice.

    Too bad they are trying to belittle and make mockery of Trump supporters. Nice try NWO.

    I hope Trump wins and beats some NWO a$$…

    1. Donald Trump wants a stronger, bigger government. Donald Trump wants to give more power to the unconstitutional police state. Donald Trump is a jew ass sucker. Donald Trump is the new world order and you are a f#@king fool who obviously is not for the people’s Bill of Rights and an end to the million infringements. Only question is, what the f#@k are you doing here, traitor?

    2. “I hope Trump wins and beats some NWO a$$…”


      I hope you get a window seat on the FEMA bus.

      It’ll be the last time your stupid @ss will ever glimpse freedom (such as it is, currently).

      The commies know how to fix stupid, btw.


  4. Did the author use the words “undocumented citizens”?

    I recoil at the word “citizen” because of its definition being tantamount to slavery but it is clear the author is using “newspeak” to further mash American Nationals together with wetbacks.

    Oh btw, that’s me using plain old non-pc “oldspeak”. While I am here, let me add that the traitors who did this, those who supported it and the wetbacks that invaded US will all have something in common someday and it will be richly deserved.

  5. I agree that we have a problem with illegals crossing the border, but Trump is not going to really fix that. (I am not expecting an actual wall and penalties to people who hire illegals to ever develop). Besides, does anyone really think Trump -with his cozy Kosher connections like his convert daughter, AIPAC speech comments, and endorsement of Bibi Netanyahu in 2013- wants to close the borders and put working class white Americans first?

  6. I think it’s hilarious (or sad) that satire has to be labeled these days. It used to be easily recognizable before the entire political world became a running joke.

    Our society is now reminiscent of Petronius’ “The Satyricon” (funny book from ancient Rome)

    1. That might be because Hitlery doesn’t need jokes written about her , because she IS the joke

      People need the jokes or satire written about Trump
      Because obviously a lot of people think he’s really going to do the right thing by we the people
      Although some of us already get the joke that is D Trump

      Folks , if you haven’t figured it out by now that neither of these two blithering idiots have the Republics health in their best interest
      And nothing but the subjugation of you as a human , than everything here on this site is going right over your head
      And there will be no help coming when you need it most

      This whole Dem VS Repub as a party system was also another one of the biggest jokes played on us all

      Picking ( or having the illusion of) a ruler every 4 years does NOT make you a free man

      It makes you a subject

    2. I share your outrage. The elitist Donald Trump should be equal in right with the elitist Hillary Clinton, unlike the peasant population one or the other intends to rule over.

  7. I love a parade…nfact.
    I’m going to go get more popcorn so I can watch the freakshow.
    Like Carlin said…
    I gotta front row seat.

  8. That little group session had to have been staged. It isn’t possible for people to be THAT stupid, is it? But if they’re acting, they sure are doing a good job. Frighteningly good, actually.

    *** From the idea of poisoning China’s water to lower their populace’s IQ… ***

    I wonder if the Chinese haven’t already done this to America.

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