Water off in CA – Martial Law Shortly

Published on May 6, 2014 by Time-S

California’s Government Voted yesterday to Cut water off to Farmers,ensuring the Satanic Government will Starve ,and Thirst The People into Submission. Today.

Millions are about to be cut off.and No one is hardly saying a WORD About this!! Why? My Vid: Officials: http:/.

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Revolution Or Martial Law You Decide America!! Martial Law Is The Opposite Of Revolution!! There is going to be either a revolution or we will suffer and beg.

CA faces the worst drought in almost a century.. Website: sott.net Source credit: Chris Carrington, Activist Post Photography credit: belongs to it’s respe.

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We have no water and rain here in the Bay Area. Voluntary water cutbacks for santa clara county, contra costa county, san francisco county, marin county, ala.

An epic drought in California is forcing ranchers to sell their cattle because their pastures are too dry for grazing and .

November 2013 Never Forget Martial Law LockDown 1 Million People Watertown MA – Last days News prophecy Update Police State New Reality Martial LAW in the US.

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Ron Paul Exposes Obama Martial Law Plans!

California’s water agency has announced it may for the first time be unable to deliver water to local agencies, amid a worsening drought. Two-thirds of state.

While in deep heavy prayer all weekend I was given several messages from God. I want to focus on 3, all 3 have already been confirmed by men and women of God.

Lake of the Woods, a small community north of Los Angeles, is running dry amid a deep California drought. Residents are changing water habits, but many worry.

Umaasa ang Commission on Human Rights na maipamimigay sa biktima ng human rights violations ng Martial Law ang kompensasyon para sa kanila sa unang quarter n.

The relentless drought in California is taking its toll on the state’s multi-million-dollar wine industry. The hills of Napa Valley are usually lush in Febru.

Warning to California & the east coast. Stop the gov or else expect this ABOUT THIS CHANNEL: Truth, Knowledge, Metaphysics, Esoteric & Occult. If you want to.

California Drought, FUKISHIMA Wormwood, Radiation Leak in South Carolina, W VIRGINIA Water CONTAMINATION all Purposed by the ILLUMINATI to DE POPULATE THE AN.

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The Federal Government has for a long time been overstepping their power ,now with the events in Connecticut,New York,and Now Nevada,The People have said eno.

California and New York city is warned by God, America needs to turn away from sins and repent of their wicked ways.

The House will pass legislation next week that would restore the flow of water to farms, homes and businesses in California’s Central Valley, to help victims.

19 thoughts on “Water off in CA – Martial Law Shortly

    1. They took his guns “Micheal” so they can kick in your door with no resistance, This man knows the score! People get ready, there’s a FEMA Train a Commin!

    2. Michael,
      Please inform us as to why he should have no weapons?
      Seems to me that he knows what he is talking about. If you think he shouldn’t own guns, you would like my guns taken away as well.

    3. Just who the F do you work for michael eh ????
      Yea, I can imagine who you are working for. I bet you are polishing up that badge your probobly/apparently wearing aren`t ya. I mean only a F`n LEO would think like you do. Get it michael

      1. Hey digger, Michael, or should we say Michelle, is, no doubt, an infilTRAITOR on “The Trenches” and, henceforth, will be treated as such by me. Who the hell, in their right mind, would make a comment like that in our house! A government troll testing the waters. If so, I think they got the message loud and clear. Thanks everyone.

  1. Hey guys. Michael will not respond. He is a traitor from what i can see. Pay him no mind. We will deal with his ilk once we take our country back.

      1. Michael is probobly just sitting back grinning ear to ear polishing his badge fantasizing about screwing people over for his own simple minded bennefit. Wouldn`t suprise me one bit with his attitude.

  2. Excellent video, this guy knows what he is talking about. He also listens to Mark K. Thanks for posting this Quintus Dias. As far as Michael goes, he slipped through the cracks. When Henry’s away the trolls will play.

  3. They took the guns? I didn’t know they did take the guns! Are you telling me that all of California was disarmed? If that is the case then WHY didn’t the militia do anything about it???

    1. some types(non compliance) and some towns imposed even stricter rules for guns in the city limits. yup

    2. Evening Mr. Fantastic,

      At the begining of the video, he states that he was arrested and had his weapons taken. He does not say why. He also says gun “sweeps” are happening. We have heard about that happening in commieforina. The entire state has not been disarmed, but yeah the militia, meaning the people, need to step up in force and stop this nonsense immediately.

  4. I think this guy makes more sense than many others online. He is able to stay on task while being WAY PAST pissed off.

    I didnt hear anything that was false that I can remember.

  5. I am proud to call this Californian a Patriot. He was interviewed on AJ also after this happened. He explains the situation on this video posted on his channel as to why they came for his guns and arrested him. He was lured out of his apartment on false pretenses while they raided his apartment. Don’t forget there are 2 Constitutions and they don’t recognize our Constitution.


    and on Alex Jones

    . . .

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